Business Productivity

Now safely catch-up with your work on the go with Echo Auto and Alexa for Business

According to the last United States Census Bureau survey, over 139 million drivers in the US spent an average of 52 minutes per day commuting to their jobs1. We know that many commuters try to use this commute time to check work emails and calendar using their cell phones, which can put their safety at risk.

We are happy to share that Alexa users can now leverage simple voice commands on their Echo Auto devices to safely catch up on work, even when driving. They can join or end meetings, read and respond to emails, manage their calendars, and inform others if they are running late to a meeting.

Here are some work-related voice utterances that one can use with Echo Auto devices.

To join a meeting say “Alexa, join my meeting.” Alexa will automatically find your next meeting and join it. A one-click dial-in number, meeting ID, and PIN (e.g. 206-555-0100,,1234,,123) are required in the meeting invite.

To interact with your email, say “Alexa, read my emails.” Alexa will be able to read your work and personal emails and allow you to reply, flag, delete, archive or mark them as unread.

You can stay up-to-date with your work and personal calendar by asking “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?” or “Alexa, when is my next meeting?” Alexa will tell you about your next four events, and allow you to schedule, move, or cancel them.

You can inform meeting participants that you are running late to a meeting by simply saying “Alexa, I’m running late.” Alexa will send a short email to inform all meeting participants of the delay.

Getting Started

These features are available to all Echo Auto customers in the US today, thanks to Alexa for Business. To use these features, you will need to set-up your account for Alexa Communications and link your Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook, Google G-Suite or Gmail, or Apple iCloud calendar and email accounts with Alexa. Alternatively, you can just say “Alexa, set up my calendar/email” or “Alexa, join my meeting” and a card will be sent to your Alexa app with the instructions.

For questions, suggestions, or feedback, contact customer support or post on our community forums.