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How do I get an evangelist to speak at my event?

So, the whole AWS Evangelism team fields a lot of questions around “how do I get you, or another evangelist from your team, so speak at my event?”.  This is a tricky one-  we’d love to come to each and every event out there, but until we find a way to bend the laws of physics/invent teleportation/build a hyperloop, it’s not quite possible.  With that said, here are some thoughts to make the process a little easier for everyone.


Evangelists at work for


If you’re looking for someone specific, you should email them directly. Twitter is great to catch their attention, but we generally always have to move it to email eventually.

Some email tips for getting to an answer as efficiently as possible:

  • The more details the better! This includes the name of the event, the dates, the location, and a link to the event page
  • What kind of talk are you looking for?  Is it a keynote?  A breakout session?  A workshop? A demo?
  • If you know how long the slot is for, that’s also great to know!
  • Is it an invitation?  Do you need us to submit through a CFP?  Anything else we should know?

Don’t know the right evangelist?  We have a site for that! All the evangelists, and some of the DAs, are listed here:  They’re grouped by region so you can see who is closest to you.  For example, Ric is based in EMEA, so he might be a good bet for a London meetup.  Some evangelists also list their areas of expertise!  Julien specializes in AI/ML, so he’s the right one to invite to talk about Sagemaker.


OK, so what about Twitter?  What about DMing your event invites?

You definitely can, but DMs are easier to miss, especially if someone has open DMs.  I find Twitter is great for getting someone’s attention, but it’s more efficient to move to email for the details.


Another thing to think about- consider virtual alternatives!  A lot of us love online meetups and talks.


And finally, please be kind!  The team gets a lot of event requests, and we can’t be everywhere.  Where you can, please to try to ask as far in advance as you can.  Schedules fill up fast!  It also helps to be flexible.  Maybe I can’t make a meet-up in San Francisco, but Randall can.  Or Danilo can’t come to a conference in NYC, but I can cover!

Happy event-ing,

AWS Abby



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