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A Great 2013 for the AWS SDK for PHP

2013 was a fantastic year for the AWS SDK for PHP! We have had a lot of fun working on the SDK and connecting with our users and the PHP community through our blog, our Twitter account, and by attending various conferences. Thanks for your continual support and feedback. We want to take a few moments to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished this year.


This year, we brought Version 2 of the AWS SDK for PHP into the spotlight. In mid-March, we achieved full service coverage support for Version 2. Since then, we’ve added several features to the SDK and have also added support for even more services and regions.

Some of the new features added in the SDK this year include:

We now have over 275,000 downloads of the SDK on Composer/Packagist and almost 850 stars on GitHub. We also have a lot of great content in our user guide and API documentation.

Our blog

Since we first announced our blog at the end of May, we’ve been steadily posting a mixture of technical content and announcements. We hope that you are subscribed to the blog and that you find our posts helpful. Here are the most popular posts from 2013:

If you have any ideas for topics for 2014, please let us know in the comments.

Presentations and conferences

It was our pleasure to give presentations about AWS and the SDK in various places around the United States during 2013. Here are some of the places we presented at:

Here are links to the slides used in our presentations, in case you missed them in our other blog posts:

If you are interested in having us present to your conference during 2014, please contact us.

See you next year

Thank you to all of our users and contributors! We plan to bring you more features, improvements, documentation, and tips for the AWS SDK for PHP throughout 2014. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @awsforphp to stay up-to-date. Have a great new year!