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AWS Workshop and Hackathon at PNWPHP

In September, the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference (PNWPHP) is happening in Seattle. It’s just down the street from us, and we decided to partner with the them to host an AWS Workshop and Hackathon on September 10th, 2015.

The workshop portion will serve as kind of AWS bootcamp for PHP developers, and will include a few presentations about AWS services and architecture, the AWS SDK for PHP, and running PHP applications on AWS. You can see a full list of the presentations and speakers on the PNWPHP website.

The hackathon portion will allow people to team up and create something using AWS services and the SDK. Like most hackathons, there will be food and prizes involved. Hackathon participants will also receive AWS credits through the AWS Activate program to cover the costs of the services they will be using during the hackathon.

Tickets for AWS Workshop and Hackathon are sold separately from the main PNWPHP conference, so whether you end up attending the main conference or not, you still have the opportunity to join us at our workshop/hackathon. In fact, you can use the discount code “AWSHACK” to get your AWS Workshop and Hackathon ticket for a 50% discount. Head to the PNWPHP registration page to get your ticket.

Whether you are a Seattle native, or you are in town for PNWPHP, we hope to see you at our special AWS Workshop and Hackathon.