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Customer Highlights from Around the Web: June 2014

June was an exciting month with a number of interesting, technical posts from customers using AWS Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks. We’ve aggregated some of these posts and grouped them by service below. If we missed your post – or you’d like to be included in next month’s roundup – shoot me an e-mail at evbrown at

Elastic Beanstalk

Travis, Docker, and Elastic Beanstalk: Paul Butcher talks integrating Travis with Elastic Beanstalk’s recent support for Docker containers.

10 Steps Deploying Docker Containers on Elastic Beanstalk: The folks at Flux7 labs have a structured tutorial for getting up and running with Docker and Elastic Beanstalk.

Drupal Deployment Automation using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker: Paul de Paula at has a great post with a tutorial for deploying Drupal to Elastic Beanstalk.

Bleacher Report’s Continuous Integration & Delivery Methodology: Continuous Delivery Through Elastic Beanstalk: Felix Rodriguez talks about Elastic Beanstalk, operations, and CI/CD in production.

Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk from your Continuous Integration System: Nuday Games talks Clojure web apps, Elastic Beanstalk, and CI.


Cluster-wide Java/Scala application deployments with Docker, Chef, and AWS OpsWorks: Adam Warski gives an overview of how to create custom recipes on OpsWorks to deploy Docker images with Java/Scala applications.

OpsWorks and Fabric: Automation and Continuous Integration: The video from a SendHub meetup where Max Smythe discusses how to use OpsWorks with Python’s Fabric for a full-featured continuous integration platform.

Scalable Python Application Deployments on AWS OpsWorks: The folks at Jazkarta have shared their OpsWorks cookbooks for installing Python and Plone.