AWS Field Notes

Category: Management Tools

Account Enrollment

Enroll existing AWS accounts into AWS Control Tower

Note: Updated in August 2020 with new prechecks to the account enrollment script. Since the launch of AWS Control Tower, customers have been asking for the ability to deploy AWS Control Tower in their existing AWS Organizations and to extend governance to those accounts in their organization. We are happy to announce that you can […]

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Enabling guardrails in new AWS Regions the AWS Control Tower supports

For the first time since the launch of AWS Control Tower, we are happy to add support for the AWS Sydney Region. The AWS Control Tower service is releasing a new version with additional AWS Region Support. In order to enable the newly supported AWS Regions, existing customers will need to update their AWS Control […]

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Improve governance and business agility using AWS Management and Governance videos

Curious to find solutions for managing your business on AWS? We always look at different ways to better serve our customers. One of the ways is to offer you video-based hands-on solutions addressing the common challenges faced by enterprises in managing and governing their AWS environments. Here’s a summary of videos published in the AWS […]

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