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How GumGum provides sub-10 ms contextual data for real-time digital ad bidding with AWS Outposts

Overview GumGum is a global digital advertising platform that specializes in contextual marketing, facilitating advertisers in marketing ads based on digital media content. GumGum offers Verity, which uses in-house computer vision (CV) and natural-language processing (NLP) models to scan images, audio, text, and videos across webpages, social media, over-the-top (OTT) video, and connected TV (CTV), […]

BioT Builds Cloud-Native Medical Devices on AWS

Blog is guest authored by Guy Vinograd, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at BioT. With a vision to make world-class medical care accessible to patients wherever they are, Israeli startup BioT provides a platform for building cloud-powered medical devices. Its innovative technology helps connect Internet of Things (IoT) medical devices to the cloud. This allows […]

Modernization to facilitate energy customers building secure, scalable, and sustainable business

In the energy industry, some of the most common business drivers for moving IT workloads to the cloud are lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), increasing innovation, maintaining the security of their data, and reducing environmental impact through meeting sustainability goals. Amazon Web Services (AWS) works alongside energy customers to meet these goals so that […]

production and pre-prod architecture

EDF Completes Groundbreaking Migration to Run Oracle Utilities Solution on Amazon RDS

Electricity provider EDF in the UK (EDF) is preparing its business for growth. The company has one of the largest market shares for providing electricity to businesses in the United Kingdom, and it continues to expand its offerings. In 2019, EDF launched an initiative to modernize the IT supporting its business solutions. Its infrastructure needed […]

Crypto market-making latency and Amazon EC2 shared placement groups

Crypto currencies started as an experiment in 2008, initially supported by global developer communities and retail traders. They have since expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry, traded on numerous Crypto exchanges with growing amounts of institutional interest. Many of these exchanges have been built on AWS, resulting in the opportunity for High Frequency Traders (HFTs) […]

Automated IP address management for Multus Workers and Pods

Telco 5G and IMS container based workloads utilize Multus CNI to achieve traffic and routing separation and packet acceleration. Multus container network interface plugin enables Kubernetes pods to attach to multiple interfaces and networks. Multus CNI being a “Meta-plugin”, achieves this by invoking other CNIs, such as VPC CNI (default CNI in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes […]

Top analyst groups recognize AWS in industry reports for work in retail and CPG

Few companies break the mold in retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG). Even fewer are successful year after year, especially with global disruptions pressuring the industry for nearly three years and counting. What’s the secret to success? Recently, three leading industry analyst firms—Forrester, Gartner, and International Data Corporation (IDC)—have weighed in on this topic, citing Amazon Web […]

Digital Twin Data Middleware with AWS and MongoDB

There are an estimated 100 million connected vehicles on the road worldwide today, and are expected to reach 400 million by 2025. The buying decision by customers towards connected vehicles is and will become increasingly dependent on software functionality, and integration into a person’s digital lifestyle. This will enable customers access to a new level […]

Fast track data-driven insights for advertising and marketing with Databricks accelerators on AWS

Optimizing spending in the advertising and marketing industry—whether that means delivering more personalized campaigns to customers or attracting higher-quality users—is always an iterative process. Data scientists and data engineers are constantly maneuvering through advertising, marketing, and sales data to measure effectiveness and uncover insights that improve the way their companies connect with consumers. To help […]