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How Advizzo Empowers Utility Consumer Savings on AWS

This blog post is authored by AWS partner Advizzo. Since 2015, Advizzo’s behavioral science software and solutions have been empowering electricity, gas, and water customers around the globe to reduce their water and energy consumption and contribute to preserving the world’s natural resources. Today, over 1 million households use Advizzo’s solutions, powered by Amazon Web […]


Transforming Credit Risk Analysis with AWS Fargate and AWS Step Functions at Société Générale

This post was co-written with Soufiane Matine, Senior Expert Architect at Société Générale and Thierry Wilmot, IT Managing Director at Société Générale. View the blog post in French. One of the many benefits of using the AWS Cloud is the ability to access resources on demand in seconds. That’s why many customers are using the […]

Five’s Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Testing Platform on AWS

Five was founded in Cambridge, England in 2015 to build a complete autonomous vehicle system. Its team of computer scientists, engineers, and roboticists built a Level 4 urban automated driving system which was demonstrated in London in 2019. Five took the lessons from that work and created a platform for the development and safety assurance […]

High level architecture for end-to-end solution

Improve Aircraft parts provenance using Amazon Managed Blockchain

Today’s commercial and defense aircrafts are made up of thousands of parts. The aerospace industry has to function in a tight regulatory environment, which requires the vetting of all parts. These parts can be resold several times throughout the production lifecycle, which makes it challenging to track their history. The traceability of aircraft parts is […]

Building a COVID-19 screening app to keep healthcare providers safe at Froedtert & MCW

Building a COVID-19 screening app to keep healthcare providers safe at Froedtert & MCW

The COVID-19 pandemic response in 2020 and 2021 placed added stress on healthcare systems and clinicians. Straightforward operational tasks—such as entering the hospital, locating and tracking personal protective equipment (PPE), answering call center inquiries, and maintaining appropriate staffing—became system challenges in a rapidly changing environment. Clinicians were tasked with caring for large numbers of critically […]

MEDHOST expands multi-tenant cloud EHR capabilities with AWS

MEDHOST expands multi-tenant cloud EHR capabilities with AWS

Authored by Bill Anderson, Chairman and CEO at MEDHOST. The content and opinions in this post are those of the third-party author and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post.  MEDHOST has been providing enterprise information technology systems to full-service community hospitals for more than 35 years. In addition to […]

Ericsson and AWS Partner to Support CSPs on Their Journey to Cloud BSS

Communication service providers (CSPs) are looking more and more into the cloud as a source of innovation to increase agility and efficiency at the same time. Ericsson and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are joining forces to deliver on such demand by offering the Ericsson business support systems (BSS) portfolio on AWS. There’s never been a […]

How Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Can Help Utility Regulators Weather the COVID-19 Storm

This is a contributed blog post from Siddahartha Sachdeva, CEO of AWS partner Innowatts. The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming energy consumption and usage patterns. During the pandemic, commercial energy usage slumped 30%, whereas residential demand saw significant increase. These changes surface and illuminate challenges to utilities and regulators. As utilities manage the changing energy landscape, […]


A Short History of Digital Commerce and Five Trends to Watch in the Next Decade

Although selling through computers has a long history, what we’ve come to know as ecommerce started in late 1994 with the release of Netscape Navigator, one of the original web browsers that led to widespread consumer use of the internet. Since then, ecommerce has become an ubiquitous form of shopping. It represents about 10% of […]