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Long-term support (LTS) for Amazon FreeRTOS

AWS intends to provide long-term support (LTS) releases with Amazon FreeRTOS. We are communicating this intent before the first LTS release of Amazon FreeRTOS so that you can incorporate this information into your project planning.

Device manufacturers adopting embedded OS solutions for their IoT projects consider software development life cycle implications from initial development through deployment and post-deployment support. They often choose LTS releases for product launches. LTS releases offer a more stable foundation than standard releases as manufacturers deploy and later update devices in the field. Adopting standard releases that introduce new features is sometimes difficult or not possible due to hardware constraints on deployed production devices.

An LTS release is different from other releases. An LTS release is separately maintained from the continuously evolving open baseline. No new features are added after a release, and LTS releases are maintained for at least three years after launch. Updates address critical vulnerabilities including security-related vulnerabilities. When both standard and LTS releases are available, device manufacturers can choose which release better fits their specific needs. This choice can change throughout the device lifecycle.

Amazon FreeRTOS is an MIT-licensed open source project with source code available on GitHub. We make periodic releases that address issues, introduce new features, and support new third-party hardware. We recently adopted date-based versioning and our latest release is 201906.00 Major. Look for updates in the coming months detailing LTS releases for Amazon FreeRTOS.