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Inserting SCTE markers with AWS Elemental MediaLive for ad insertion

In this tutorial posted on GitHub, we show you how to insert SCTE markers using AWS Elemental MediaLive’s Python SDK and then insert ads into your live video stream using AWS Elemental MediaTailor.

To get started, you will spin up a MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage channel using the AWS Media Services simple live workflow template, also available on GitHub. Replace the default input used in the template with one provided that doesn’t have SCTE markers. Once the channel is up and running, the instructions walk you through creating a scheduled action to insert a splice insert into the MediaLive channel with a AWS Lambda function. You will then use the Amazon CloudWatch event scheduler to trigger the Lambda at a regular interval. Finally, you will create an AWS Elemental MediaTailor configuration to insert ads into the video stream where SCTE markers are present.

Check out the tutorial here: