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M&E Value Realization Study: Live Nation estimated 18% cost savings with AWS…Their result? 58%

Guest post by Niraj Zaveri and Michael Chu, AWS Cloud Economics

Live Nation is the world’s leading live entertainment company, they cover the action from stage to field, and touch many industries from technology, marketing, operations, hospitality, customer service, sales, film, advertising and beyond.

Recently, Jake Burns, VP of Cloud Services at Live Nation sat down with Michael Chu and Niraj Zaveri from the AWS Cloud Economics team, to understand the value Live Nation realized from their migration to the cloud. Said Burns, “People who come to the conclusion that the cloud is too expensive are doing something wrong.”

Four areas of value were identified using the Cloud Value Framework (CVF):

“Moving to AWS shouldn’t be just for the cost savings, it’s for the business changing, game changing benefits of the cloud,” said Burns. In addition to cost savings, Live Nation has improved Staff Productivity by 50%, increased Availability from three 9s to five 9s, and increased their Business Agility by increasing their innovation pipeline by 10x!

In this Value Realization Report, learn how AWS helped Live Nation