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How to Store Your App Photos in the Cloud Using Amazon S3 [tutorial and code samples]

About Welcome to the first installment of our blog series showing how to build some of the most popular end-to-end experiences used by mobile apps. In each installment, you’ll see how you can build these experiences – including the client (iOS and Android) and the backend (AWS services) – in just a few minutes. We’ll […]

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Amazon Mobile Analytics Auto Export to Amazon S3 – Feature Update

Amazon Mobile Analytics Auto Export to Amazon S3 accumulates and exports events sent to the Amazon Mobile Analytics service from your mobile and web applications into your own Amazon S3 bucket, within one hour from when we receive the event. This allows you to access the full data being recorded by your application to perform […]

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Accessing Your User Pools using the Amazon Cognito Identity SDK for JavaScript

Introduction In April, we launched the beta version of a new Amazon Cognito feature called Your User Pools. Among other functionality, the User Pools feature makes it easy for developers to add sign-up and sign-in functionality to web apps. AWS Mobile SDKs for Android, JavaScript, and iOS are available with this beta launch. In this […]

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How to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Facebook recently announced that they are shutting down Parse and that users have one year to migrate their apps to alternative infrastructures. We are working closely with Parse to provide a migration path.  AWS offers a variety of features for building and running mobile apps, including user identity, push notifications, storage, content delivery, app testing […]

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