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How to set up a multi-region, multi-account catalog of company standard AWS Service Catalog products

[Update on 9/30/2020] Note:  – Please follow Simplify sharing your AWS Service Catalog portfolios in an AWS Organizations setup to implement a multi-region, multi-account catalog at scale while incorporating recent updates and best practices. Many AWS customers are adopting AWS Service Catalog to create and manage catalogs of approved IT services for use on AWS. […]

AWS Service Catalog Hub and Spoke Model: How to Automate the Deployment and Management of Service Catalog to Many Accounts

Many organizations may have tens to hundreds of accounts and thousands of users that require services in AWS. Enforcing organizational governance controls for deploying services requires time and resources to build the necessary guardrails, security controls, and auditing. Using the AWS Service Catalog hub and spoke model and launch constraints, I’ll show you how to […]