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China Delivery is Here! Amazon CloudFront Announces New CDN in Mainland China

On 8 April 2019, Amazon CloudFront officially launched our content delivery network (CDN) in Mainland China. Our new locations in Beijing, Zhongwei, and Shanghai will reduce latency for static, dynamic, and streaming content by up to 31% for the majority of end-users in China. With the launch of these three new Edge locations, customers can now deliver to end viewers across mainland China.

Due to the unique nature of creating a CDN in China, these three Points of Presence (POPs) will be separated from the rest of our global network and operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Co. Ltd. (NWCD). Each POP will be connected to each other and our AWS China (Beijing) Region operated by Sinnet and our AWS China (Ningxia) Region operated by NWCD through a dedicated private backbone. Customers can deliver their HTTP(S) content to end viewers by simply creating a CloudFront China distribution in the China console or using our APIs similar to the global network. Customers will also be protected from DDoS attacks through our native integration with AWS Shield Standard. As we grow the network, we will continue to add the rich feature set that customers are accustomed to using on our global network.

To use CloudFront China, customers need to obtain an ICP License, which they can do through our sellers of record Sinnet or NWCD. Customers can use any origin of their choosing including origins in our China regions, any global origin, or their own custom origin. Once a distribution is created, customers with origins inside China may see up to a 31% reduction in latency for the majority end-viewers vs. delivering from our CloudFront global network. Additionally, customers with global origins may see up to 70% reduction in latency for the majority of their end-viewers.

Many AWS customers are keenly anticipating the CloudFront China launch, including HK01, a born-in-the-cloud publishing company from Hong Kong dedicated to disrupting discussion with interactive multimedia storytelling through the Web, print, and physical space. Readers can take advantage of HK01’s in-depth reporting and all-around analysis in current affairs, local stories and lifestyle features. “We’ve experienced over 500% growth since 2017,” said Angus Tse, Director of Engineering at HK01. “And with such large audience growth comes concerns about scalability, availability, and performance. That’s why CloudFront is a central part of our tech stack. It helps us deliver a consistently secure and performant user experience to our audience no matter how much our traffic spikes. We look forward to the same benefits with CloudFront China.”

CloudFront China isn’t just for Chinese customers either. Rx Networks is a mobile positioning assistance company that provides assistance data for location services, enabling devices and applications to get position quickly and relevantly. The company serves over 2 billion device requests per day for their customers, which include semiconductor vendors, device OEMs, network equipment vendors, and mobile operators. “Rx Networks has leveraged S3, Lambda, and EC2 since 2013 – our biggest draw to AWS is Amazon CloudFront,” says Michael Longinotti, the CEO of Rx Networks. “CloudFront enables the massive scalability and reliability in data delivery that we need when servicing billions of devices. With our recent plans to expand into China, this is doubly important. That’s why we are excited to leverage CloudFront China to provide the same scalability and reliability as we grow in this new market.”

“AWS is our technology platform of choice for data management, real-time processing, and content distribution,” says Golan Brenner, Vice President of Information Technology and DevOps at ironSource. ironSources provides best-in-class monetization and marketing technologies to power next generation advertising for app and software developers, mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and advertisers to reach over 2 billion people worldwide. “AWS’s fast pace of innovation allows us to quickly introduce new features and capabilities to our customers, and with the introduction of CloudFront China, we are now able to further expand our reach in the Chinese market, ensuring low latency, high availability, and a secure user experience for our customers.”

CloudFront China customers can also work with many of our official AWS partners who can help them optimize their content delivery strategy on CloudFront China. Agilewing Technology Co. Limited is a Premier Consulting Partner with the AWS Partner Network and has helped more than 100 large enterprise customers with migrations to and managed services on AWS. Zhiliang Wen, CEO of Agilewing, says, “In China, we see more and more customers from various industries who have leveraged the excellence of AWS infrastructure to achieve a globalization strategy with better a TCO. The launch of CloudFront in China makes up the last piece of the puzzle of AWS China region, which will improve our ability to provide integrated cloud solutions to both the China domestic and global markets. It is certainly the best news for us and our customers in the year so far.”

We are very excited to launch CloudFront China for all our customers, both global and local. We’re dedicated to building an excellent network and are looking forward to expanding the service. For more information, go to the CloudFront China website.

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