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Your Checklist for a Successful Digital Transformation

The new Digital Transformation Checklist whitepaper provides a list of strategies and tactics aimed at helping you navigate the digital transformation process. It is both prescriptive and elaborative, as it outlines steps for organizations to overcome blockers to innovation.

Innovation requires many ingredients: a great idea, creativity, persistence, the right data, and technology. How that idea gets off the ground is equally important. Public sector agencies are increasingly finding that the cloud can help expedite the path from idea to execution – while reducing costs and increasing security and agility.

But there’s a lot that has to happen to successfully drive digital change, including  transforming the soft elements, such as vision and culture. The new whitepaper offers guidelines for addressing the tangible – and less tangible – aspects of this shift.

The paper addresses the broad categories of digital transformation: transforming vision, creating the environment for digital transformation, and specifics on how AWS can help drive civic innovation. It goes a step further to where pen literally meets paper, offering checklists to aid cloud leaders in accomplishing set objectives.

Readers can leverage predefined checklists for the following categories:

  • Shifting culture
  • Changing the cost model
  • Going cloud native
  • Tracking progress
  • Collaborating for improved productivity

To get the full digital transformation checklist and more, visit the AWS Whitepapers page and let AWS guide you wherever you are in your cloud journey.

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

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