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2014 re:Invent Roundup

In early November, AWS hosted our annual conference, re:Invent 2014, in Las Vegas. This year the security track offered 23 sessions covering topics ranging from AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) best practices to the newly launched AWS Key Management Service (KMS). For those of you who attended, we hope the sessions provided you with the breadth and the depth you were looking for. If you were unable to make it or missed one of the security sessions, we are excited to announce that you can now watch the re:Invent sessions online.

Here is the consolidated list of the videos and presentations for the security sessions from re:Invent 2014. 

General Security


  • SEC202 – Closing the Gap: Moving Critical, Regulated Workloads to AWS (Video | Presentation)
  • SEC306 – Turn on CloudTrail: Log API Activity in Your AWS Account (Video | Presentation)
  • SEC308 – Navigating PCI Compliance in the Cloud (Video | Presentation)

Identity and Access Management

Network Security


You can see additional 2014 re:Invent keynotes and break-out sessions online or download and listen to the podcasts.

We hope you enjoy the security sessions!

– Brigid