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New Whitepaper on Email Best Practices!

To run a successful email program, you must be aware of a few topics that can affect your delivery and ultimately your impact on email recipients. You might send email for a variety of reasons, including enhancing an existing relationship with a customer, marketing new products and offers, educating a group of people sharing a […]

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5 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

One of our recent posts talked about what bounces are and mentioned that a good hard bounce rate is usually less than 5%. In this post, you’ll learn five strategies that will help you achieve a low bounce rate. Don’t buy or rent mailing lists. The folks who are trying to sell or rent the […]

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Email Definitions: Bounces

A key concept in email is that of a bounce. A bounce is usually an indication that the message you sent was rejected by the intended recipient’s email infrastructure and may not have reached the recipient. Hard and Soft Bounces A hard bounce indicates a persistent delivery failure (e.g., mailbox does not exist). In other […]

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4 Ways to Improve Email Quality from Social Sharing Sites

If you run a social sharing site (or any site that allows your users to share their content or invite friends), you know that you might run into all sorts of email quality problems. Users put in old or fake email addresses causing your bounce rate to spike, or the friends that your users are […]

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