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AWS in Healthcare and Life Sciences at HIMSS

HIMMS 2017 AWSLast week we had the chance to catch up with some of our customers at HIMSS in Orlando, Florida. In 2015, healthcare made up 17.8% of the U.S GDP, which equates to roughly $3.2 trillion in spending (up 5.8% from the previous year). With the advent of cloud technology in this space, we are beginning to see how companies of all sizes are using AWS to provide superior analytics, integration, and services to customers all around the world. Whether your company is made up of 2 people, or 20,000, you can use the cloud just the same by scaling to meet any of your business needs.

This year’s HIMSS brought in over 40,000 participants. We had the opportunity to catch up with 16 of our customers at their booths, and learn all about what they’re working on within the cloud computing space.

Following is a list of the companies we visited. Follow @awsstartups and @awsonair to stay up to date with upcoming AWS on Air videos where our Global Startup Evangelist, Mackenzie Kosut, will be visiting Singapore, London, Portugal, Spain, Tokyo, and more to check in with some of the most cutting- edge startups in the world.

Re-live HIMSS


  • With Orion Health talking about Amadeus, a comprehensive approach to acquiring, measuring, analyzing, and presenting actionable clinical and claims data, as well as non-traditional data powered by AWS.
  • At Connectria, a “jerk-free” managed services provider who helps run your HIPAA compliant applications on AWS by providing performance monitoring, security, compliance, cost optimization, and more.
  • Live with Fortinet, who is helping companies manage complexity and security when it comes to digital transformation, IoT, and cyber security.