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How Babylon Health Builds an AI Doctor App and Scales Globally with AWS

Guest post by Dr. Ali Parsa, CEO and Founder of Babylon Health

The mission of Babylon Health is to put an accessible, affordable healthcare into the hands of every human being on Earth. To do so, we have created a series of technologies that enable our users, wherever they are in the world, whether they are in a country as financially challenged as Rwanda or a country as rich and prosperous as the U.K., to get their healthcare from the convenience of their mobile phone with a combination of artificial intelligence, but also talking to a doctor whenever they need to.

The artificial intelligence stack we built sits on what is today the largest knowledge base in primary-care medicine, 530 million streams of knowledge. That is then accessed through natural-language processing so that our machine can talk naturally with our patients. It then takes all of that data and it infers, it does diagnostics, it does triage, and it tells the patient what is probably wrong with them by using probabilistic graphical modeling. It then uses predictive analytics to tell the patients what the future is planning out, assuming they follow the existing course of action. And it will then use deep learning and machine learning in order to be able to learn from every interaction it has with this patient.

So having created an artificial intelligence stack that could do some of what the doctors can do, now we needed to get that into the hands of every person globally. For that, AWS was a natural partner of choice because of its scale. So AWS enabled us to distribute our servers globally. Imagine, in the past, we had to have servers in spaces on our own. If we wanted to grow globally, we had to find those spaces one by one, place our own servers one by one. And what AWS has now allowed companies like us to do is to seamlessly globalize. And that is of a massive value to people of ambition.