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Startup Central is Headed to re:Invent!

Looking for content for startups by startups? Interested in meeting 1:1 with a mentor or engaging with other startups to make new connections and perfect your elevator pitch?

This year Startup Central is headed to the Aria Quad at AWS re:Invent and we’ve designed a series of technical talks, speed networking activities, mentorship opportunities, and straight-up fun, for those of you planning to join us in Vegas. Not only will be the main hub of Startup activities led by AWS, we will also have WireWheel, Aisera, Suplari, IO|Pipe, Arkose Labs, R3, Pulumi, FogLogic, CryptoMove and SlamData showcasing what they have to offer.

Startup Talk Schedule

Tuesday 11/27

  • 11:00AM | Data Teams: The Moral Compass of AI | Periscope Data
  • 12:00PM |Applications Release Management at Deliveroo | Deliveroo
  • 1:00PM | Leveraging Amazon SageMaker to Drive Rapid Innovation | Convoy
  • 2:00PM | Aetion’s Migration Journey to AWS CodePipeline, CloudFormation & ECS | Aetion
  •  3:00PM |#BUIDLing the Decentralized Future on Ethereum | Consensys
  • 4:00PM | Data Engineering the Startup Way | Uptake
  •  5:00PM | Kabbage’s Long Strange Trip to Data Democratization | Kabbage

Wednesday 11/28

  • 11:00AM | Managing 1,000 Servers Without A Driver’s License | Bebo
  • 12:00PM | How Robinhood Used AWS to Make a Self-Service Data Platform | Robinhood
  • 1:00PM | How iflix uses AWS Elemental to help them redefine the future of TV| iflix
  • 2:00PM | How uses Amazon SageMaker & AWS Glue to Enable Machine Learning |
  • 3:00PM | Scaling a Fantasy Sports Platform with Amazon Elasticache | Dream11
  •  4:00PM | Crypto 101/201 | Coinbase
  • 5:00PM | Crypto Happy Hour with Coinbase

Thursday 11/29

  •  11:00AM | How Coinbase Builds Out its Blockchain Infrastructure | Coinbase
  •  12:00PM | How the Cloud Helps Nubank Support Millions of Daily Customers | Nubank
  •  1:00PM | Securing Microservices on AWS ECS at Buzzfeed | Buzzfeed
  • 2:00PM | Lending at Affirm: Powered by Machine Learning and EMR | Affirm 
  • 3:00PM | 1B Video Views a Month: Reddit’s Serverless & Compute Infrastructure at Scale | Reddit

Speed Networking

AWS's Ask an Architect Bar at SF Summit's Startup Central

Join our speed networking session to engage with other startups, make new connections, and perfect your elevator pitch. Check our schedule and see if you’re free during one of these time slots: Register here.

Mentor Sessions

Looking for mentorship on how to develop and grow your business? Speak with an AWS startup expert and get first-hand advice. Register here.

1:1 Technical Office Hours

Startup Central Anaheim

Ask a member of the AWS technical team your most pressing questions, from architecture to cost optimization, and more. Register here.

Rachel Van Dinter

Rachel Van Dinter

Rachel is Global Startup Marketing Manager for AWS, primarily focused on events for startups.