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Zoona CMO Lelemba Phiri on the Challenges of Being a Businesswoman in Africa

Building a successful business as a woman in Africa is doubly challenging. Not only do women face the typical growth issues that are daunting for any entrepreneur, but they must also deal with a host of specific cultural issues. For one, says Lelemba Phiri, the Chief Marketing Officer for mobile payment platform Zoona, many African businesswomen prefer to simply grow their companies to a “subsistent” level, because if their businesses get too big, they are seen as “not being marriage material.”

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Venture Garden Group’s Nichole Yembra on Why Investors Should Bank on Female Founders

Nichole Onome Yembra is the CFO of the Lagos, Nigeria-based Venture Garden Group and the managing partner for Greenhouse Capital, VGG’s investment arm. She’s also the founder of Greenhouse Lab, Nigeria’s first female-focused tech accelerator. Yembra says she founded the Lab after looking across VGG’s portfolio and realizing that that few of their investments had female co-founders.

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