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How Robot Care Systems Developed a Smarter Walker

Robot Care Systems has built a robotic walker designed to provide additional safety and stability to users. While the product can clearly be used by the elderly, it can also be useful to people who have difficulty walking, or are recovering from a surgery. But what makes this walker a robot?

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Aaron Ames on Walking Robots

Tell a Robot to Take a Hike, and It Might Listen: “Cassie” Takes on the Pacific Crest Trail

For most adventurers, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail would be a crowning achievement in its own right. But one Caltech professor is upping the ante: he wants to design a robot that can complete the famous trek, all with outside assistance. That’s why Dr. Aaron Ames and his team have created Cassie, the world’s first fully autonomous robot designed to navigate the harshest and most complex environments in the world.

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