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Michelle Kennedy, CEO of Peanut, sitting on a couch.

Peanut Co-founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy on fast growth, working with male VCs, and appealing to moms

As the CEO and co-founder of Peanut, a social networking app for new mothers, Michelle Kennedy knows a thing or two about growing a company from scratch. Not only has the app—which only launched in February 2017—already struck a chord with countless mom groups online and with the media, but it’s also facilitated over 10 million […]

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Arth Labs CEO

Arth Labs CEO Gautam Ivatury on what he’s learned from founding seven startups

“It’s got to be a sickness or in my DNA.” That’s how Arth Labs Co-founder and CEO Gautam Ivatury describes his penchant for launching startups. Since starting his first company at 22 during the first Dotcom boom and bust, he’s since gone on to start six other companies, including Arth Labs in January 2017. Naturally, […]

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