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Introducing new machine learning training series on Twitch: save the date

Do you want to build an application with artificial intelligence (AI) but don’t know how to get started with Machine Learning (ML)? Join AWS expert hosts Jon Dion and Kirsten Dupart for a new Twitch show called AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning from AWS Training and Certification. This blog outlines when the series will stream, how you can tune in, and what you can expect to learn.

What is AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning?

AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning is a weekly, live-streamed program that premiers Thursday, July 23 at 4 p.m. PST and airs at that time every Thursday for seven weeks. Each show will feature the AWS hosts and a special guest who will demonstrate how to build apps with AI Services from AWS. Designed for developers without prior ML experience, the show will help you learn to build apps that showcase natural language, speech recognition, and other personalized recommendations. The show provides in-depth technical education in a fun and interactive environment.

Join us for the premier episode on July 23

The premier episode on July 23 will introduce the hosts and offer an introduction to ML, a summary of ML on AWS, and an overview of featured AI services.

Special guest and AWS ML Hero Gillian Armstrong will join to offer a practical perspective on what developers really need to know to get started with ML. Gillian is a highly experienced full-stack developer who currently works for Liberty IT, where she is helping to bring ML and Serverless into the enterprise. She’ll share her experiences and biggest lessons learned, covering topics from data readiness to engineering to user experience—all from a developer’s perspective.

Join the live stream each week to submit questions and participate in weekly challenges, or watch the recorded episodes on Twitch whenever it’s convenient for you.