Unlock the full potential of IoT

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market is booming. Ready to unlock its full potential? AWS can help you do just that. Learn how AWS IoT empowers businesses to deliver better results, greater intelligence, and enhanced customer experiences. 

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Why AWS IoT?

Broad & deep
Access the broadest and deepest IoT functionality, spanning the edge to the cloud, for virtually any use case and across a wide range of connected devices.

Multi-layered security
Protect your devices, device data, and people with preventative security mechanisms, continuous monitoring, alerts, and remote mitigation actions.  

Superior AI integration
Bring artificial intelligence and IoT together and utilize machine learning to build, train, and optimize models in the cloud, then deploy them to devices so you can take actions as events unfold.

Proven experience at scale
Easily scale to support up to tens of millions of devices and billions of messages—all with a scalable, secure, and proven cloud infrastructure.

IoT Drives Business Transformation
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Industrial IoT & Connected Home Overview


Build the internet of (ultra-productive) things

Reason on top of operational data and improve performance, productivity, and efficiency of industrial processes. AWS IoT for industrial applications helps you take intelligent actions, quickly onboard your device fleet, minimize downtime, and keep data and devices secure.
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Design the internet of (well-connected) things

Quickly, easily, and securely build differentiated connected home products with AWS IoT. Turn device data into insights that enhance customer experiences. Inspire trust with multi-layered security. Make your devices smarter—all while driving down development and deployment costs.
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Customer Success Spotlight

  • Smarter decisions
  • Analyzing data in the field

    One of the largest agricultural companies in the world, Bayer Crop Science, needed to deploy real-time data collection and analysis in the field to catch issues with equipment calibration, jamming, or deviations. AWS IoT helped Bayer:

    • Collect an average of 1 million traits per day during planting or harvest season
    • Get seed data to analysts in minutes instead of days to make faster, smarter decisions
    • Scale to support manufacturing and other IoT initiatives
    Read how Bayer is blossoming with AWS IoT 
  • Voice integration
  • Simplified voice integration

    Global consumer electronics leader Vizio wanted to incorporate Amazon Alexa voice control into its smart TVs—without the cost and complexity of building end-to-end IoT infrastructure. See how AWS IoT helped Vizio:

    • Easily implement Alexa functionality through a secure, scalable, serverless architecture
    • Create a working prototype in a matter of days
    • Delight customers with an unexpected feature on a TV they had already purchased
    Watch how VIZIO speaks to customers with AWS IoT 
  • Reducing emissions
  • Sustainably reducing emissions

    As part of its effort to bring heavy-duty vehicles into the low-carbon economy, Vantage Power wanted to create a vehicle telemetry system that would monitor efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement. AWS and AWS IoT Competency Partner Luxfort helped Vantage Power:

    • Process hundreds of thousands of data points per minute
    • Detect powertrain component failures months earlier than with previous platforms
    • Accelerate time to market for new innovations by over six months

    Read how Vantage Power detects problems faster with AWS IoT 
  • Secure intelligence
  • Secure connected home intelligence

    Software provider and product creator Rachio needed to find technology that would help bring its Smart Sprinkler Controller to market quickly—while also delivering built-in security.

    AWS IoT helped Rachio:

    • Get its product to market 40% faster
    • Reduce development costs by 40% thanks to policy-based security
    • Automatically scale its service up or down to meet demand during peak watering seasons

    Read how Rachio delivers worry-free watering with AWS IoT 
  • Scalable performance
  • Monitoring & managing device fleets at scale

    Hudl provides a video and analytics platform for coaches and athletes to quickly review game footage to improve team play. With expanded product lines, the company needed scalable solutions that could keep up with increasing demands. AWS IoT helps Hudl:

    • Enable sports teams to reliably capture more video
    • Monitor and manage the health and status of devices spread across multiple locations
    • Roll out software updates to entire device fleets, or target single devices


    Watch how Hudl scales for victory with AWS IoT 

Build the internet of (ultra-productive) things

Industrial companies need to bridge the gap between legacy equipment and infrastructure and new technologies like machine learning, cloud, mobile, and edge computing. Industrial IoT offers the answer—but not all providers are created equal. Only AWS IoT combines security, scalability, and flexibility to deliver a true end-to-end industrial IoT solution. Be more proactive with predictive quality and remote monitoring, improve process performance and efficiency, and quickly transform raw data into actionable intelligence. 

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Industrial IoT Customer & Partner Highlights

Customer Highlight

The Volkswagen Industrial Cloud will bring together real-time data from the Volkswagen Group’s 122 manufacturing plants to manage the overall effectiveness of assembly equipment, as well as track parts and vehicles.

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Customer Highlight

Learn how AWS IoT enables SKF to connect new and legacy devices to the cloud.  

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AWS Partner Network

Discover how IIoT-enabled predictive maintenance can help prolong the life of your equipment.

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AWS Partner Network

Learn how to get ahead of critical device issues with IoT and ML/AI edge solutions from FogHorn and AWS. 

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Design the internet of (well-connected) things

Only AWS IoT gives you everything you need to make the connected home a reality—delivering integrated, autonomous experiences that truly improve consumers’ lives. Create differentiated connected home products with secure, scalable, and flexible end-to-end solutions from AWS IoT. Add or unlock new sources of revenue, better understand how consumers use products, and ultimately create better experiences for your customers.

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Connected Home Customer Highlights

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