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The AWS cloud can help you turn your ideas into reality.

There's augmented and virtual reality technologies that can help you enhance the customer experience by recreating virtual environments, while visual search technologies can help index and associate images in the digital world of websites and apps. We’ve spent years creating powerful tools for you to pick up and use, and here, you’ll find inspiring and useful resources to help you build.

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How to build a Visual Search Application

To perform a visual search instead of asking for something by voice or text, you need to show what you’re looking for. Often, it’s easier to show a physical example or image than it is to describe an item using words that a search engine can effectively use. From users being unable to describe an object, to users being able to search through video data, visual search relies entirely on item appearance. There is no need for other data, such as bar codes, QR codes, product names, or other product metadata. Click below to discover practical use cases for these technologies.

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How to build a Digital Caregiving Assistant

As the population continues to age, the demand for caregiving in-home options rises. Whatever the specifics of the situation having a 24/7 assistance or caregiver for tasks can improve quality of life. At the same time, technology provides alternative ways to assist independent living while being user friendly. Click below to get started building your own virtual assistant.

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