Managing Your IT Environment

To ensure business continuity, you need to protect and enhance your IT infrastructure. We supply best-of-breed IT and security solutions – from cybersecurity protection to backup and recovery software – to safeguard and optimize every aspect of your operations.

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  • trendmicro

    Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service

    Sold by: Trend Micro
    Simplify your life with Deep Security as a Service. The most threat defense techniques across the broadest set of platforms, no matter where your workloads or containers live. Deep Security seamlessly defends your AWS workloads against threats, malware and vulnerabilities & helps speed compliance.

    Sophos Unified Threat Manager

    Sold by: Sophos
    Sophos UTM makes security simple by providing integrated security tools into one solution. Protection like NextGen Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections are available out of the box to help you decrease security costs and increase security without requiring you to be a security expert.

    Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF - Complete OWASP Top 10

    Sold by: Fortinet Inc.
    The Complete OWASP Top 10 Ruleset is a comprehensive package for the best web application protection to help protect against the OWASP Top 10 web application threats, including SQLi/XSS attacks, General and Known Exploits, and Malicious Bots.

    Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for AWS

    Sold by: Barracuda Networks, Inc.
    Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is a SaaS service that provides end to end visibility of your security posture in your public cloud deployment by ensuring continuous compliance and automated remediation of security controls.

    Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Centralized Logging/Reporting

    Sold by: Fortinet Inc.
    Fortinet FortiAnalyzer offers enterprise class features to identify threats and provides flexibility to evolve along with your ever-changing network. FortiAnalyzer generates highly customized reports for your business while aggregating logs in a hierarchical, tiered logging topology.

    Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for AWS - PAYG

    Sold by: Barracuda Networks, Inc.
    Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for AWS brings network security to your public cloud deployments. Connect remote VPCs, datacentres, offices and mobile workers while providing user and app-aware segmentation with strong access controls and full visibility of your network traffic.

    Barracuda Email Security Gateway - PAYG

    Sold by: Barracuda Networks, Inc.
    The Barracuda Email Security Gateway protects your email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. Outbound filtering and encryption options of Barracuda Email Security Gateway also prevent your confidential or sensitive information.

    Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall

    Sold by: Fortinet Inc.
    Fortinet FortiGate allows mitigation of blind spots to improve policy compliance by implementing critical security controls within your AWS environment. FortiGate includes all of the security and networking services common to FortiGate physical appliances.


    Sold by: Intruder Systems Ltd
    Intruder is a powerful vulnerability scanner that provides enterprise-grade cyber security without the complexity. Everything we do is designed to save you time – we deliver actionable results, in easy to understand language, as well as monitor your computer systems for emerging threats 24/7.

    Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V - AX Pkg. Max Performance

    Sold by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
    As part of Cisco's Cloud connect portfolio, the AX Technology Package for Maximum Performance version of Cisco's Cloud Services Router (CSR1000V) delivers the maximum performance available in AWS cloud for virtual networking services. Deliver high-speed secure VPN services with High Availability, strong Firewall protection, Application Visibility & Control, and more...

    Netgate pfSense Firewall/VPN/Router

    Sold by: Netgate

    FICO Cyber Risk Score - Enterprise Security Suite

    Sold by: Fair Isaac Corporation
    The FICO Cyber Risk Score provides a standardized, trustworthy benchmark that is used to understand and communicate the security posture of an organization. It quantifies the impact that exposed network assets, misconfigurations and sub-standard network hygiene can have on enterprise cybersecurity.

    Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) - Standard Package

    Sold by: Cisco Systems, Inc.
    As you transform more workloads and functions into virtualized assets, you need the same protections that are available for your physical assets. Cisco has developed a virtual security solution based on the best-selling Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). As part of Cisco's Cloud portfolio, the Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv) runs the same software as physical Cisco ASAs to deliver proven security functionality in a virtual form factor.

    Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

    Sold by: Splunk Inc.
    Available through a free, 15-day trial, this seamless monitoring and troubleshooting solution combines metrics and logs into a single user experience that enables server environment problems to be identified and fixed faster.

    Anodot Anomaly Detection

    Sold by: Anodot
    Anodot uses autonomous analytics to monitor your business operations 24/7 and detect the unknown unknowns in your business in real-time so that you can keep operations running smooth and provide a great customer experience.

    OpenVPN Access Server

    Sold by: OpenVPN Inc.
    Transform your business with a secure and powerful Virtual Private Network (VPN) software from OpenVPN Inc. OpenVPN Access Server supports a wide range of configurations, making it one of the most flexible secure virtual networking solutions available.

    VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall

    Sold by: Palo Alto Networks
    The VM-Series next-generation firewall allows developers and cloud security architects to operate at the speed of the cloud. Your applications and data are protected with whitelisting and segmentation policies that are dynamically updated based on AWS tags, allowing you to reduce the attack surface area and achieve compliance. Additionally, threat prevention policies can stop both known and unknown attacks.

    SFTP Gateway

    Sold by: Thorn Technologies LLC
    SFTP Gateway is a secure, pre-configured SFTP server that saves uploaded files to an Amazon S3 bucket. SFTP Gateway is affordable, yet can be configured with high availability to support thousands of SFTP users.

    ACSIA - Automated CyberSecurity Interactive Application - Lite Edition

    Sold by: 4Securitas Ltd
    Cloud security solution for your servers hosted on AWS cloud as well as hybrid environments. It helps you manage the security of cloud servers more effectively with automated cybersecurity monitoring, real-time threat detection, and dynamic risk mitigation.

    InsightVM: Vulnerability Management Solution

    Sold by: Rapid7
    A streamlined way for you to scale your collection of vulnerability data, turn it into answers and minimize your risk in modern environments. This solution empowers your teams to jointly manage and reduce risk, detect and contain attackers and analyze and optimize operations.

    CrowdStrike: Falcon Prevent Next Generation Antivirus Protection

    Sold by: Crowdstrike, Inc.
    CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent Next Gen Antivirus uniquely combines an array of powerful methods designed to provide prevention against the rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures used by today's adversaries.
  • Backup & Recovery
  • n2ws

    N2WS Backup & Recovery (CPM)

    Sold by: N2W Software
    N2WS is an automated backup and recovery and resource scheduling solution designed to save you time and reduce storage and compute costs. N2WS provides improved resilience for your AWS environment, while helping to lower your AWS bill and give you complete peace of mind.

    Cloudberry Drive

    Sold by: CloudBerry Lab
    CloudBerry Drive mounts to your Amazon S3 account as a network or external drive. With CloudBerry Drive you can work with Amazon S3 directly from Windows Explorer -- just as if it was your local drive.

    CloudBerry Backup

    Sold by: CloudBerry Lab
    Simple, fast, and secure online backup solution for storing backup copies of your data in online storage. It leverages Amazon S3 technology to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

    CloudRanger Backup & Recovery

    Sold by: CloudRanger
    CloudRanger helps to simplify your backup policies, disaster recovery and advanced server scheduling for Amazon EC2, RDS and Redshift resources. Simply choose your schedule, set a retention period and apply by tag or instance ID for each of your backup policies.

    NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365

    Sold by: NetApp Inc.
    NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a SaaS data protection service that protects business-critical data hosted on Office 365 and includes support for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Groups. The service serves North America, EMEA and APAC regions.
  • Others
  • panoply

    Automated Cloud Data Platform

    Sold by: Panoply
    Panoply is an automated data management solution that manages data ingestion (ETL), storage, and query optimization. You can set up Panoply easily in minutes, and seamlessly connect data to any BI tool for lightning-fast results.

    AnyNet Secure Cellular Connectivity

    Sold by: Eseye
    The AnyNet Secure is the easiest, most resilient, one-stop, M2M cellular connectivity solution available for AWS IoT customers today. Using 235+ cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G LTE) across 75+ countries, AnyNet Secure must be purchased with the Eseye AnyNet Secure SIM cards, on

    Cloudsfer: Cloud Based Migration Service

    Sold by: CloudBerry Lab
    Cloudsfer is a cloud based migration service, supporting over 20 cloud storage providers. Migrate and transfer your data from/to Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Drive. Cloudsfer requires no installation, hardware or bandwidth during the migration process.

    Amazon Lightsail: Virtual Servers, Storage, Databases & Networking

    Sold by: Amazon Web Services
    Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud platform that offers everything you need to build an application or website, plus a cost-effective, monthly plan.

    Datomic Cloud

    Sold by: Cognitect, Inc.
    Datomic Cloud is a transactional database with a flexible data model, elastic scaling, and rich queries. Datomic Cloud provides developer and operational flexibility, robust history and audit capabilities, and elastic read scalability.

    Secured Exchange 2013 RBAC Manager on Windows 2016

    Sold by: Cognosys Inc.
    Cognosys presents Exchange 2013 RBAC Manager image for Enterprise Customers who are looking for instantaneous deployments. Exchange 2013 RBAC Manager helps to simplify the RBAC administration by basically providing the missing Graphical User Interface to edit RBAC settings on Exchange 2010 systems.

    Plesk Obsidian on Windows, WordPress & Website Hosting Environment

    Sold by: Plesk
    Build, secure and run better websites, domains and applications on AWS with Plesk. Includes all your server management and security tools plus WordPress staging /cloning. Simplifying the lives of Web Professionals and providing the scalability, security, and performance that your customers need.

    Amazon Worklink: Secure Mobile Access To Your Internal Websites & Web Apps

    Sold by: Amazon Web Services
    Fully managed service that lets you provide your employees with secure, easy access to internal corporate websites and web apps using their mobile phones -- without the hassle of connecting to the corporate network. No minimum fees or long-term commitments.

    Moogsoft Algorithmic IT Operations platform

    Sold by: Moogsoft
    Moogsoft AIOps optimizes your existing investments in application performance monitoring, automation, service management, log indexing, and notification tools by automating routine tasks -- freeing your human operators to do what they do best: innovate.

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