Reduce the cost of running Windows Workloads by using AWS

Optimise Windows Server, modernise .Net applications and decrease SQL Server licensing costs

Free yourself from licensing costs

AWS helps customers reduce licensing footprint and meet the needs of modern applications through purpose-built databases, services and migration tools. Using AWS solutions and with the latest Intel technology, customers can migrate current and legacy versions of Windows Server and SQL Server to cloud native, Linux and open source solutions, enabling them to break free from commercial licensing costs.

Ivanti Migrates from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora to Improve Scalability and Flexibility

SQL Server to Amazon Aurora

“When we moved our SQL Server applications to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, we saw a significant performance increase without the need for optimisation.”

- Peter Kobes, Architect, Davinci


Windows to Linux

“AWS gave us better access than Microsoft Azure to cost-effective open-source software that allowed us to drive innovation. We’ve reduced costs by 30 percent by moving Windows workloads to Linux on AWS while gaining a broader set of Linux cloud applications and uptimes of 99.98 percent."

- Lodewijk Tanamal, Chief Technology Officer, Bhinneka

Save by optimising your infrastructure and licensing

Using AWS compute, storage and database resources, organisations no longer have to over-provision infrastructure capacity. AWS helps customers lower the cost of running Windows workloads in the cloud with the broadest set of instances and licensing options.

Xero Saves 30% on SQL Server Licensing Costs by Using AWS

SSP saves more than $2 million annually by using AWS. Part of these savings comes from a 40% reduction in Windows licensing costs by using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Windows Server on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). SSP channels this savings into creating innovative new offerings.


“When we moved our SQL Server licenses to Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances and Dedicated Hosts we saved 15 percent on SQL licensing costs.”

- Cris Carlin, Vice President Global Cloud Operations, Deltek  

Optimise and Modernise Windows and SQL Server on AWS

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Watch our introductory webinars to discover how AWS can help you optimise your infrastructure and licensing costs and visualise potential savings. Learn best practices for running Microsoft SQL Server and Windows File Server on AWS and how to modernise Microsoft and Oracle workloads in the cloud.


Modernise your applications

Serverless, containers and managed services enable you to build modern applications with increased agility and lower cost of ownership. Your developers can focus on core products instead of worrying about managing and operating servers or runtimes, either in the cloud or on-premises. Also, AWS can help you implement agile development processes that reduce time to market.

AWS Helps GBG Drive 50 Software Releases Per Day and Save Costs

“We put undifferentiated value on AWS and developed our own microservices framework which allows our developers to focus on writing applications and delivering value to our customers.”

- Juan Manuel Torres, Lead Software Engineer, MindTouch

matrix pointe_software_logo

"Matrix Pointe improves efficiency for customers in the justice community by accelerating the legal process. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server reduced maintenance time by as much as twenty percent while increasing the speed of recovery from a disaster ten-fold. That’s allowed us to focus on client innovation and not waste time reinventing the wheel for file services, backup and recovery."

- Paul Davis, Manager, Technical Services, Matrix Pointe Software

Deep Dive on Active Directory and .Net on AWS

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Watch our technical webinars to learn how to deploy Microsoft Active Directory to support group policy management, authentication and authorisation and how to modernise .NET applications with AWS serverless and container technologies.


AWS & Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

AWS offers a variety of EC2 instances featuring 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors allowing customers to balance the cost and performance of SQL servers in their environments.


Industry Leading Performance


Consistent experience


Better Security


Up to 1.7M TPM* for Microsoft SQL Server on EC2 M5 instances

Amazon EC2 featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors are ideal for in memory OLTP

with Intel® Xeon® Processors available on premise and in the cloud

Microsoft* TDE and Intel® AES-NI accelerate encryption

72% higher performance than previous generation M4 instances