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GoDaddy signs multiyear deal with Amazon Web Services for ‘vast majority’ of its computing infrastructure March 28, 2018
Internet domain name registrar GoDaddy has signed a multiyear deal with Amazon Web Services to migrate most of its computing infrastructure on to AWS, the two companies plan to announce Wednesday.
Amazon powers cloud servers for 90% of large game companies March 19, 2018
More than 90 percent of the world’s largest game companies use Amazon Web Services, which offloads online gaming infrastructure tasks to Amazon’s giant cloud computing resources. The statistic is based on market researcher Newzoo’s list of the top 25 game companies.
VMware Launches Partner Competency Around Its Joint Cloud Service With AWS As Vendors See A Merging Of Channels March 7, 2018
VMware introduced to its broader ecosystem of partners on Wednesday a professional certification for its joint hybrid cloud product with Amazon Web Services.
AWS aims to redesign social entrepreneurship around the world February 23, 2018
AWS is expanding its global reach, focusing on ushering some nations into the digital age. Teresa Carlson, AWS VP of Public Sector talks about AWS's focus on social entrepreneurship in this video interview.
8 AWS Offerings Gaining Popularity Right Now February 19, 2018
AWS has hundreds of cloud offerings for consumers and businesses. Here are eight to keep an eye on as they are attracting significant attention with business users.
Former CIO helps IT leaders navigate AWS cloud journeys February 19, 2018
Stephen Orban leads enterprise strategy for Amazon Web Services, helping IT leaders migrate to AWS technologies. As the former CIO of Dow Jones, he’s more than just an ally to these leaders, he’s walked in their shoes.
Amazon’s cloud is big enough to be the fifth-largest business software company in the world February 3, 2018
On the heels of a 43% increase in revenues in 2017, Amazon Web Services now ranks as the world’s fifth largest business software provider. AWS maintains its position as the largest cloud infrastructure technology provider by a wide margin.
How higher education learning gets moving in the cloud January 10, 2018
Bringing traditional face-to-face courses online is possible--and one university did it with physical education.
Future of live sports? How Amazon streamed NFL games to 200 countries and 600 types of devices December 20, 2017
Signal acquisition, content ingestion, transcoding, ad insertion, playback optimization, and end-to-end monitoring probably weren’t top of mind for NFL fans who watched Thursday Night Football this season on Amazon.
AWS showed no signs of slowing down in 2017 December 28, 2017
AWS had a successful year by any measure. The company continued to behave like a startup with the kind of energy and momentum to invest in new areas not usually seen in an incumbent with a significant marketshare lead.
AWS expands cloud training to high schoolers December 5, 2017
AWS Educate, an initiative from Amazon Web Services to teach students cloud literacy and skills, is now available to students age 14 and up.
AWS Announces Alexa for Business November 30, 2017
Press Release
New AWS service makes it easy for companies to voice-enable their offices with Alexa, giving workers an intelligent assistant. Capital One, Brooks Brothers, and WeWork among the customers using Alexa for Business. Salesforce, Concur, Polycom, RingCentral, and Splunk are among the companies with solutions that work with Alexa for Business.
AWS re:Invent 2017: Gender Identity in Tech (video) November 28, 2017
AWS YouTube Channel
How do gender identity, gender expression, and policies for LGBTQI+ employees improve inclusion in the workplace? How can tech leaders build work environments where employees can bring their whole selves to work? This panel will discuss gender identity, and strategies for managers on how to create highly functional and inclusive teams.
Amazon's Jassy on Growth, the Cloud, Alexa, Strategy October 11, 2017
Bloomberg's Emily Chang interviews AWS CEO  Andy Jassy at Seattle's Geekwire Summit. Topics include AWS and cloud industry growth, Alexa and government requests for data.
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Interview with AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr | March 16, 2018

Randi Larson is joined by Jeff Barr, VP of AWS Evangelism. Jeff has been with Amazon since 2002. In his current position, he focuses on spreading the word about AWS through the AWS blog and in-person appearances. In this podcast interview, Jeff discusses what it's like to be a VP and an individual contributor and how frequently he achieves "inbox zero."

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Lessons from a New Amazonian| February 19, 2018

Simon Elisha, host of the AWS Podcast, speaks with Sandy Carter, AWS VP of Enterprise Workloads, about her recent blog post on her own experience joining Amazon. The seven valuables lessons she shares in her post demystify some of Amazon's Leadership Principles and are helpful to anyone joining Amazon. In the podcast, she adds more context and insights into the AWS culture.

Scaling Good Practices across the Enterprise April 4, 2018
by Mark Schwartz
If your enterprise is undertaking a transformation, then you will need to help your employees develop new skills. A great way to start is by training some current employees in the new skills they need to help make the transformation successful. Once you have built up a small core of expertise within your enterprise, then you can scale it.
Learn about ReadToMe – The first place winner of the AWS DeepLens Challenge Hackathon March 16, 2018
by Sally Revell
When Alex Schultz first heard about the AWS DeepLens workshop in Dr. Matt Wood’s keynote address at re:Invent 2017, little did he know that a few months later he would be the first place winner of the AWS DeepLens Challenge Hackathon, owe his kids $400, and be the star of a blog post on the AWS Machine Learning Blog.
Bringing Together the Best and Brightest Minds Working in Anti-Corruption Technology March 16, 2018
from the AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog
C5, the investment specialist firm focused on cyber security, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, has announced the winners of its inaugural Shield in the Cloud competition. The challenge, supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), PeaceTech Lab, and SAP NS2, was created to bring together the best and brightest minds working in anti-corruption technology.
Our Newest AWS Community Heroes (Spring 2018 Edition) March 16, 2018
by Betsy Chernoff
The AWS Community Heroes program helps shine a spotlight on some of the innovative work being done by rockstar AWS developers around the globe. Marrying cloud expertise with a passion for community building and education, these Heroes share their time and knowledge across social media and in-person events.
The Critical Missing Piece of DevOps…And How to Find It March 16, 2018
by Mark Schwartz
This post, the first in a series on how to best think about operations in the cloud, will explore that set of operations functions that is not typically assigned to DevOps teams. We will also talk about how organizations not yet using DevOps can still benefit from streamlined operations when they migrate their applications as-is to the cloud.
You’ve sold your company. Now what? Why ex-founders should consider joining tech giants March 15, 2018
from the AWS Startup Blog
You’ve just spent the past five years of your life pouring your soul into a startup. Now that you’ve exited—whether through an acquisition, an acqui-hire, or unfortunately had to shut down operations—you’re now facing a fairly complicated question: what next?
Empowering Women in Tech on International Women’s Day March 8, 2018
from the AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog
With our attention on gender diversity this International Women’s Day, we want to share what we can all do to address the workforce gender divide. 
Hot Startups for March 2018: Nauto, DeepMap, TuSimple March 5, 2018
by Tina Barr
Startups are seeing major success in the driverless car industry. The startups we are featuring today—Nauto, DeepMap, and TuSimple—are developing the technology behind fully autonomous vehicles. 
Announcing the winners of the AWS DeepLens Challenge March 2, 2018
by Sally Revell
The AWS DeepLens Challenge gave attendees of the re:Invent DeepLens workshops an opportunity to put their skills to the test by building a machine learning (ML) project using their AWS DeepLens.
How I built a data warehouse using Amazon Redshift and AWS services in record time February 12, 2018
by Stephen Borg, the Head of Big Data and BI at Cerberus Technologies
Over the years, Stephen Borg has developed and created a number of data warehouses from scratch. Recently, he built a data warehouse for the iGaming industry single-handedly, using Amazon Redshift and the wider AWS data management ecosystem. In this post, he explains how he was able to build a robust and scalable data warehouse without the large team of experts typically needed.
How GIPHY engineers the perfect delivery of a GIF January 23, 2018
by Alex Hoang, Giphy Services Engineer and Nima Khoshini, Giphy Services Team Lead
Giphy serves three billion GIFs a day to over 300 million daily active users. Every upload brings a large amount of data, which can become a lot to manage. Alex and Nima share their experience using MySQL and DynamoDB to organize this heavy amount of data in a high-performing way.
Take a Digital Tour of an AWS Data Center to See How AWS Secures Data Centers Around The World January 16, 2018
by Chad Woolf
AWS has launched a digital tour of an AWS data center, providing you with a first-ever look at how AWS secures data centers around the world. The videos, pictures, and information in this tour show you how security is intrinsic to the design of our data centers, our global controls, and the AWS culture.

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