Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic, fast-paced, and growing business that is fundamentally transforming computing as we know it. Today, AWS provides IT infrastructure services that power organizations across the internet ranging from startups to large enterprises, universities, research institutes, and even NASA. If you are passionate about solving hard problems, growing a business, working with world-class individuals and teams, then you will find yourself at home within AWS as a Software Development Engineer or Software Development Manager. We’ve made it easy for you to review our teams and apply* via email below. Come make history with us at our development centers listed below:

North America

Seattle, WA
Palo Alto, CA
Cupertino, CA
Irvine, CA
Herndon, VA
Boston, MA
Vancouver, BC

Africa & Asia Pacific

Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Australia


Berlin, Germany
Dresden, Germany
Dublin, Ireland
The Hague, Netherlands

Did you know that you can provision a Top500 supercomputer on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) today? Not only did EC2 pioneer cloud computing by making scalable computing a reality, it continues to redefine the limits of cloud computing through relentless innovations. We are looking for passionate, experienced Software Development Engineers to join us and to help us define and deliver high quality solutions in a rapidly growing and dynamic environment. Come join the team and witness the computing revolution live.

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Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a virtualized storage service that offers highly available, high performance storage for EC2. As one of the core building blocks of AWS, EBS has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception. We are looking for outstanding engineers, product managers and leaders to help us continue to grow the business. This is a great opportunity to work on some of the most challenging problems in the cloud, with incredibly talented teammates who know how to deliver products and services. If you are passionate about large scale distributed systems, massive data analytics, systems and kernel programming, then EBS is the perfect place for you.

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What is the most ubiquitous software application ever? Yes, a web browser! There are dozens of browsers available today, but all of them are based on the same basic architecture introduced decades ago. In 2011, Amazon Web Services (AWS) formed a new team to take a radically different approach to this application that is so central to the daily life of billions of customers. With the Amazon Silk browser, we are leveraging the power of cloud computing to fundamentally change the way people experience the web.

Imagine the possibilities when a web browser is powered by a vast, scalable server fleet, massive network connections, and limitless storage resources. Can you think of ways to use those assets to make the browsing experience faster or to introduce previously impossible features? If you thrive in a startup-like environment where flexibility is essential and delivering rock solid, customer focused solutions is paramount and are interested in blazing new trails in the cloud computing space, this team is for you.

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Edge Services and CloudFront bring the Internet closer to end users, enhancing the user experience around the internet. We provide highly available, low-latency, and scalable services: CloudFront for content delivery network (CDN); Route 53 for domain name service (DNS); and Elastic Transcoder for video transcoding in the cloud. We believe in simple, reliable, and low cost systems which serve our customers' needs. Come join a team of highly motivated engineers pushing the edge of cloud computing and help improve the internet experience for users around the world.

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AWS Marketing is focused on bringing customers the resources they need to be successful with AWS services. Imagine creating a site so responsive and intuitive that AWS customers can easily find exactly what they need on any device from anywhere in the world. As we work to optimize to fit the needs of current and future customers, we are looking for bright, hungry engineers that are passionate about both good code and the customer experience to play an active role in shaping the future of the site. We need talented engineers who want to find solutions for customer segmentation, content prediction and global distribution. If this opportunity appeals to you and you want to help take to the next level of customer-focused goodness, then our team is for you.

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The AWS Security Services team is a dynamic, fast-paced, and growing organization that is fundamentally transforming computing as we know it. Each day, hundreds of thousands of developers make billions of transactions worldwide on our cloud. They harness the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable innovative applications, websites, and businesses. The AWS Security team owns security for all of these services offered by AWS, including EC2, S3, and many others. Our team works with the many AWS teams to solve security challenges at massive scale. We build services that enable the trust of customers, services like AWS CloudHSM. We dive deep into security technologies such as new authentication systems, hardware security components, cryptography, system hardening, and massive-scale audit analysis. If you are passionate about solving hard problems, growing a business, working with world-class individuals and teams, then you will find yourself at home within AWS as a Software Development Engineer or Software Development Manager.

Amazon Aurora, a relational database engine designed and optimized for the AWS Cloud, is the fastest growing service in the history of AWS.

By joining the Amazon Aurora team, you will build the next-generation database engine, distributed storage, and control plane to manage distributed infrastructure. These are core systems development positions where you own design and development lifecycle of significant system software components critical to our industry-leading database/storage services architected for the AWS Cloud.

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Can you imagine building an object storage system that scales to store trillions of objects? Amazon S3 holds trillions of objects, and we are just getting started. Add 11 9's of durability and the project becomes really fun. We are building “Storage for the Internet” and allowing access to a virtually limitless storage capacity to developers and users around the world. Join the team that is building some of the largest distributed systems in the world. We are looking for passionate, experienced professionals to solve some of the most challenging problems, make history, and help us continue to lead the industry. We are looking for passionate, experienced professionals who want to be at the forefront of creating the biggest commercial storage system in the world. Come work on Amazon S3 if you want to a first-hand view of what is involved in building and operating a distributed system that manages the storage of trillions of objects. You'll have fun, work with smart people, and get unparalleled experience in scale for cloud computing.

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Want to make database history? Come and join the Amazon DynamoDB team! Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Read here about how DynamoDB is the fastest growing service in AWS history or read here how DynamoDB is revolutionizing an industry. We are currently developing innovative new features, and we’re looking for top engineers to build them from the ground up.

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In the AWS Platform team, we take pride in making the complex simple. The software components that we create are fundamental building blocks, used by all other teams within AWS to build their services upon and run their businesses. In a friendly, intellectual and team-oriented atmosphere, we run projects in small autonomous teams that lead to many learning opportunities, independent work and significant ownership. We have the “best-of-both-worlds” scenario of a startup atmosphere combined with the resources of a large company. We’re looking for talented problem solvers who’d jump at the chance to have their products used by developers all over the world. We want you to be a part of a team that is making history at Amazon. We are hiring bright and enthusiastic developers, development managers, and product managers in the areas of account management, identity and access, fraud prevention, data services, billing engine, and payment & collections.

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The AWS Productivity and Tools team delivers AWS application management services, a wide variety of tools, and comprehensive documentation for developers and system administrators, all focused on making AWS customers productive and successful. Our application management services, which include AWS CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS OpsWorks, enable developers and administrators to work at a higher level and operate in a more automated fashion. Our tools provide a unified experience for AWS customers. These include the AWS Management Console, mobile consoles for iOS and Android, SDKs for a wide variety of programming languages, command line tools for Linux and Windows, IDE toolkits for Eclipse and Visual Studio, and AWS CloudTrail. The Productivity and Tools team is looking for talented developers who are focused on making customers more powerful, productive, and successful by delivering world-class services, tools, and content. If you are passionate about cloud computing and how it can be used to change the ways that developers and system administrators work, this team is for you.

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The AWS Kumo Development team builds applications that encompass a variety of technical areas such as Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Big Data and Machine Learning. An example application is AWS Trusted Advisor which performs data mining for customers and gives precise recommendation on cost optimization, security, fault tolerance and performance.

AWS Kumo development team is looking for exceptional software engineers and product managers who are committed to delivering high quality products to our customers and can work in an environment that is technically demanding. You will be surrounded by people that are extremely smart and passionate about cloud computing and our work will have an impact across all AWS customers of all sizes. You will get firsthand experience across all AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and more.

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Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) makes it easy to quickly and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data using Hadoop. Amazon EMR helps customers like Netflix and Yelp launch millions of clusters every year and regularly process petabytes of data. Are you passionate about building highly available, extremely scalable distributed systems and massively parallel computing frameworks like Hadoop? Do you want to be at the center of the Big Data revolution? If so, Amazon EMR is the right place for you!

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AWS Data Pipeline helps customers build highly reliable and scalable data processing workflows. Customers rely on AWS Data Pipeline to regularly process and move data using AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic MapReduce, Redshift, and DyanomDB. Are you passionate about building highly available, extremely scalable distributed systems? Do you want to develop software that is revolutionizing how customers build and manage complex Big Data workflows? If so, AWS Data Pipeline is the right place for you!

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The Network Automation team is building scalable distributed automation systems with intelligent fault and anomaly detection. We are looking for passionate developers to create highly resilient and scalable network configuration provisioning and deployment, develop APIs and workflows to capture every network state change.

Amazon network engineering underpins all Amazon services, helping our customers run their workloads on AWS. Customers rely on the network to be scalable and reliable. Can you imagine building the software platforms that manage one of the world’s largest networks? We are looking for passionate software developers who enjoy having an impact, solving difficult problems, and making history. 

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