The simplicity of Amazon Chime meetings paired with the industry-leading design and technology of Dolby Voice Rooms to offer a seamless in-room experience.

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Alexa voice control

With Alexa for Business enabled, users can start meetings in conference rooms by simply saying “Alexa, start the meeting” or “Alexa, join my meeting.”

Dolby-enhanced audio

Lifelike and clear capture of voices provides an immersive meeting experience with Dolby enhanced audio. 

Full-room pickup

Full-room pickup captures near and distant voices, as well as overlapping speech, so the conversation being had is the conversation being heard.

Dynamic leveling

Dynamic leveling boosts quiet voices so all can be heard, while distinguishing speech from noise – improving poor acoustics, and eliminating echoes and background noise. 

Video and meeting features

Intelligent scene framing

Dolby Voice Room learns who’s talking, reframing the scene on the speaker while keeping everyone in view. Digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) curbs camera noises and movements.

Whiteboard view

Dolby Voice Room corrects the whiteboard view’s perspective, so its visuals are front and center. Preset the whiteboard area in the room, or select via the Dolby Conference Phone touch screen.

HDR video mapping

High dynamic range video mapping continuously balances exposure levels so you see in the best possible light. HDR accommodates a wide range of camera vantage points, simplifying setup and installation.

Touch-screen interface

The Dolby Conference Phone’s touch-screen controls are customized for Chime. Users can share content, show the attendee list, and control the meeting settings from the simple touch-screen interface.

Dolby Voice Room Resellers

You can order Dolby Voice Room through a reseller. Once you receive the device, you can configure it with Amazon Chime by following the documentation here

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