AWS Cloud WAN (Preview)

Easily build, manage, and monitor global wide area networks

Unify your AWS and on-premises networks to reduce complexity.

Increase security by segmenting your network to isolate sensitive network traffic from everyday data.

View your entire network on a single dashboard.

Use the AWS global network to connect your locations and resources.

How it works

AWS Cloud WAN provides a central dashboard for making connections between your branch offices, data centers, and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in just a few clicks. With Cloud WAN, you use network policies to automate network management and security tasks in one location. Cloud WAN generates a complete view of your on-premises and AWS networks to help you monitor network health, security, and performance.
How AWS Cloud WAN works
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Use cases

Build a global network

Use your choice of local network providers to connect to AWS, then use the AWS global network to connect your locations and VPCs.

Easily extend your network

Save time by automating routine networking tasks, such as adding new connections, branch locations, and Amazon VPCs.

Visualize your network using a single dashboard

Track network traffic, view the health of your network, improve performance, and minimize downtime.

How to get started

Find out how AWS Cloud WAN works

Learn more about how Cloud WAN can help merge your cloud and on-premises networks.

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Start building today

Start building in the AWS Management Console.

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