Cloud Governance

Set up your organization for success with cloud governance

Why AWS Cloud Governance?

Move faster while adhering to your security, operational, compliance, and cost standards

Cloud governance is a set of rules, processes, and reports that guide your organization to follow best practices. You can establish cloud governance across your AWS estate, which includes the accounts, infrastructure, and environments that you own and operate in the AWS Cloud. Use built-in best practices and standards for governance to guide your AWS operations. Meet regulatory requirements confidently with comprehensive controls. And achieve consistent governance of your multi-account AWS environment with best-in-class interoperable services.


Innovate with best practices built in when you operate your workloads on AWS. Quickly set up the right foundation for innovation.

Centrally establish rules, processes, and reports across your AWS estate. Procure third-party products from one place and maintain consistent controls as you grow.

Select from a breadth of multi-account controls across AWS services that guide you to meet your security standards and regulatory requirements.

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Quickly spin up new workloads that meet your security, operational, compliance, and cost standards. Accelerate provisioning with purpose-built controls as part of infrastructure as code.

Inspect and audit your compliance and regulatory requirements with tailored reporting.

Migrate workloads faster with established multi-account controls that apply as your AWS estate expands using AWS Organizations and AWS Control Tower.