Compliance and Auditing

Automate continuous compliance and auditing at scale

Why Compliance and Auditing?

You can automate your compliance and auditing processes through best-in-class services supported by the scale and security of AWS infrastructure, per the Shared Responsibility Model. You are able to automate processes, continuously oversee the compliance posture of all their AWS resources, and automatically collect evidence to improve their audit readiness and ongoing real time internal reporting and monitoring. AWS services record 600 billion auditing API events every day and 5 billion resource configuration checks each month. By using the comprehensive compliance solution AWS offers, you can focus on delivering business outcomes, operating at scale, and saving time and cost.


AWS helps you reduce human error by automating the collection of accurate evidence you have defined for an audit. With AWS, you can reduce the “all hands-on deck” approach and be prepared for a compliance audit before it’s required, with data that you know is complete and has not been tampered with.

Achieve continuous compliance with fast detection of non- compliant resources, and through fast delivery of data and management event logs. With AWS, you can gain visibility into your compliance posture and processes to protect your organization even before there is an incident.

Visibility into your AWS account activity is a key aspect of security and operational best practices. With AWS you can set up continuous monitoring of your resources across regions and accounts, creating auditable log files of all user actions.

  • Topdanmark

    These dashboards offer insight to the teams and managers using your AWS accounts. If you use AWS Config rules, you can visualize which resources are compliant or noncompliant with your rules and share this data in compliance reviews with your development and operational teams.

    Henrik André Olsen Solution Architect, Topdanmark
  • Genesys

    AWS Config has greatly simplified our multi-account and multi-region strategy...Deploying the AWS Config configuration recorder across all deployed AWS Regions and accounts enables us to detect and clean up unused resources, resulting in significant cost reductions. It also enables us to better optimize our usage of AWS and avoid running up against AWS resource limits. Combined with AWS Config’s centralized reporting through aggregators, we get a holistic view of all of our environments in a single place.

    Bradley Segobiano Lead Software Engineer in DevOps, Genesys
  • LendingTree

    The implementation of AWS Config rules has helped us to stay more consistent and limit human errors.

    Howard Zeemer Manager of Operational Tools and Automation, LendingTree
  • Bank Pocztowy

    We are confident that we can meet the key regulatory requirements on AWS and that we can benefit from automating maintenance tasks on the cloud.

    Jacek Presz Director of the IT Management Bureau, Bank Pocztowy SA