AWS Cloud Start

AWS CloudStart helps companies to get started on AWS by providing a set of resources that will allow them to quickly learn about cloud computing while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy at low cost to customers. AWS CloudStart provides the following benefits to companies:

  • AWS Promotional Credits
  • Customized trainings
  • Practice labs and Quick Start guides to get started quickly on cloud
  • Job board to post open positions

In order to participate, your economic development agency must be a sponsor 

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How do I apply my credit?

  • Open an AWS account if you don’t already have one.
  • To redeem the code, go to the "Credits" tab in your AWS Account.
  • The code will be valid for 6 months or until the credits are full depleted, whatever comes first - please note that the duration cannot be extended (once it is redeemed).
  • AWS Promotional Credits are valid for AWS On-demand services ONLY. They are not valid for Reserved Instances (RI), Mechanical Turk, Route 53 Domain Purchases, or Support Launch Fees.

How do I check my balance?

  • Go to the “Credits” tab in your AWS Account. You will be able to view details regarding your AWS promotional credits.
  • This balance updates monthly after billing computation occurs for the prior month.
  • Upon depleting your credits, your billing will automatically switch to the credit card on file and the account will be charged immediately.
  • Please set up billing alerts to help you track your usage.

How do I enroll in Support? How do I open a case?

  • Go to the Payment Method section of the Billing Console and verify that your credit card on file is valid. Support enrollment will fail if your credit card is not up-to-date. Next, navigate to Services and then to Support in the upper left of your AWS Account and create a case. PLEASE NOTE: AWS Promotional Credits cannot be used for the Support Launch Fee but can be used for monthly recurring support charges.
  • Once enrolled in AWS Support, you can create and manage support cases and access other support related content and services by logging into the Support Center.

What happens if I don’t utilize all the credits before they expire?

  • If your credits expire, please reach out to the CloudStart team at for further information.
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