Foghorn Consulting is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and managed service provider focusing on public cloud enablement for startups, SaaS providers and the enterprise.With an unsurpassed track record of success, Foghorn’s approach dramatically reduces risk and accelerates deployment schedules. Foghorn Consulting assists startups and enterprise companies as they migrate to AWS, and then manages those AWS environments once they are successfully in the cloud. By doing this, Foghorn enables customers to focus on their applications rather than servers and infrastructure.






CloudTrail provides access to the AWS event data that impacts compliance, security and IT governance.Enterprises can now leverage this data to better integrate their public cloud environment with their existing IT operations processes and policies. As a result, our enterprise customers are now able to migrate a wider array of workloads to the AWS public cloud.

Foghorn Web Services’ Cloud Management Portal allows users to easily search, sort and browse on all events reported by CloudTrail. This integration allows users to gain visibility into events that are critical for compliance, security and IT governance. Foghorn’s integration with CloudTrail provides significant benefits including validating and auditing change management, additional insight into security incidents, and continual improvement of IT operations. Users gain insight into CloudTrail log events such as:

Authorization failures
Modified security policies
Provisioning and de-commissioning of AWS resources




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