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Follow the Leader

By AWS DeepRacer team

Learn to deploy an object detection model that enables the AWS DeepRacer device to identify and follow an object. Extend this sample project by modifying the code to recognize other objects for your use case. Bring your own custom model, navigation logic, and add-on hardware (optional) to invent your own application.

Project ideas: Build fun applications (use the AWS DeepRacer as a digital pet or follow an object) or industrial prototypes (warehousing, manufacturing)
Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo
Recommended add-on: Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 for faster processing


Community project that leverages OpenCV image-processing capabilities to detect a mouse in the image from an infrared camera mounted on the AWS DeepRacer. The infrared camera allows the DeepCat to detect the mouse in the dark and scare it away using a pre-configured action space with 3 actions (move forward if a mouse is detected, move back after previous action, and remain stationary).

Project ideas: Pest control, object tracking, and in-home safety

Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo
Add-on: ELP Camera


By AWS DeepRacer team

In this project, use AWS DeepRacer to draw a map with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), a technique for creating a map of an environment by estimating a device’s current location as it moves through a space.
Project ideas: Develop navigation systems for home robots, such as vacuum cleaners, a fleet of mobile warehouse robots, or parking a self-driving car.
Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo
Required add-on: Intel RealSense camera


By Jochem Lugtenburg, Developer at Relive

Mimics a real-world car that starts and stops at traffic lights and stop signs. The logic for identifying different colors in traffic signals and detect stop signs was developed by combining various computer vision capabilities, including OpenCV image- processing functions and object-detection machine learning models. This project was created by a 2019 and 2020 AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup Finalist.

Project ideas: Multi-racer competition (driving slower if another AWS DeepRacer is in front of the car or overtaking other cars using the LIDAR sensor), autonomous vehicle, using AI for safety and perception (training the car to stop when a person or animal walks in front of it and staying within the bounds of a lane)

Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo 
Add-on: N/A
Yellow Brick Road

Off road

By AWS DeepRacer team

Use a series of QR codes as waypoints to navigate the AWS DeepRacer around a custom path. Create your own custom path by placing the basic waypoint codes as a sequence along the track or encode additional instructions in them to invent new applications.

Project ideas: Build your own track to race or create fun games (get the AWS DeepRacer to find a way out of a maze)

Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo
Add-on: N/A


Use object detection models to build a toy that can identify objects and fire balls at them using a motorized toy blaster mounted on the AWS DeepRacer. It extends the AWS DeepRacer hardware with a 3D-printed, servo-controlled rotating turret and custom bracket. An Arduino micro controller is used to control the rotation servo, blaster flywheels, and ammo feeder motor over a USB/Serial link. A second camera can be added to the turret to allow AWS DeepRacer to scan 360 degrees for objects and fire balls at them.

Project ideas: Multi-tasking (navigate and fire a nerf cannon), competitive racing, strategic games

Device needed: AWS DeepRacer or AWS DeepRacer Evo 

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AWS DeepRacer Evo

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AWS DeepRacer sensor kit

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Intel RealSense camera

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