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Driving innovation in the public sector around the globe.

Startups are revolutionizing public sector operations by bringing efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation to the way these organizations work. Amazon Web Services (AWS) focuses on facilitating the public sector’s adoption of these technologies by helping startups navigate the public sector market and overcome barriers like contracting and compliance. Whether you are a startup looking to do business in the public sector, or an organization looking for mission-oriented cloud-based technologies, we are here to help.
AWS Startups

How to get started

AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp

AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp is a program designed to help startups build and scale innovative solutions for the public sector. Get started with tools and resources needed to overcome the unique challenges associated with the public sector.



Next level insight

Get support navigating the public sector landscape. Connect with AWS experts who engage directly with these customers to understand the needs of a specific industry.

Identify opportunities

Receive help identifying the opportunities that are the best fit for your startup and get support in designing your strategy.

Technical engagement

Receive technical assistance from AWS Experts, including architectural guidance and best practices to make sure your solution is secure, compliant, and reliable.

Networking and mentorship

Connect with other teams including the Amazon Partner Network (APN), AWS GovCloud (US), and AWS Marketplace to leverage the opportunities within AWS.

Case Studies

See how AWS is empowering startups that build for the public sector around the world.

Public Sector Organizations

Are you a public sector organization looking to work with cutting edge startups? Contact the Venture Capital & Startups team.

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