Home & Shopping Increases ROI by 73% with Marketing Intelligence

Singular is an APN Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Competencies in Retail and Digital Customer Experience

Providing Seamless Digital Shopping Experiences

Home & Shopping, one of the largest e-commerce companies in South Korea, provides customers with seamless digital shopping experiences whether they’re in the comfort of their home or on the go. They offer a wide range of quality products from apparel to groceries, all at competitive prices.

The team at Home & Shopping sought to become the number one online mobile shopping platform in Korea. In order to do so, they needed to efficiently scale their efforts to acquire and continually re-engage shoppers. They also had to advertise across more sources to extend their reach and increase the impact of their marketing.

Drowning in Disparate Marketing Data

Scaling marketing campaigns profitably is a science, a data science to be exact. The team needed to transform siloed data into granular and timely insights on performance. However, manually collecting, aggregating, and normalizing campaign data from the many sources they were advertising in spreadsheets was proving to be extremely time-consuming.

Even more challenging was trying to combine all of their campaign data with attribution data to understand the ROI of their efforts. This combining was proving to be impossible to do manually at the levels of granularity they required. They wanted to spend more time creating and optimizing campaigns, and less time on tedious data reporting tasks.

Home & Shopping wanted to ideally have all that information available in their internal BI as well. They rely on Amazon’s Web Services, including AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) products for their infrastructure, so it was important to be able to pull all their marketing data directly into their internal data warehouse in AWS.

Unlocking Actionable Insights for Growth with Singular

The team at Home & Shopping decided to transform their marketing growth stack with Singular. The team used Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to automatically collect and unify campaign data from their 30+ sources with attribution data from Singular’s SDK to understand ROI and performance.

They were able to analyze campaign performance across all +30 media sources in a single, highly customized view, and pull it automatically into their internal data warehouse in AWS. They used Singular’s Attribution to measure user behavior and comprehensively understand the impact of their acquisition and re-engagement efforts.

Singular’s powerful ROI and Performance Analytics enabled the team to analyze their marketing performance by the dimensions and metrics that mattered to them. The ability to uncover ROI at the most granular levels was key to uncovering opportunities to optimize marketing spend and ensure they weren’t leaving money on the table.

Visualizing Performance of Image and Video Assets

Engaging creative is a must when trying to capture the attention of shoppers. However, as a distributor of a wide variety of products across a multitude of brands, it was challenging for the Home & Shopping team to efficiently analyze the performance of their ad creatives.

They turned to Singular Creative Analytics to solve this challenge. They were able to visualize the performance of their image and video assets for the first time. Singular’s Creative Clustering groups similar creative regardless of minor copy or compression differences with image recognition technology so the team could understand how a given asset was performing across different campaigns and media sources.

Fraud Prevention Solution Fuels Savings and Reduces Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a serious threat when you’re spending at scale. Therefore, the team leveraged Singular’s adaptive Fraud Prevention to keep their budgets focused on quality users and gain full transparency into the impact of fraud on their advertising budgets. They created custom Fraud Rules to automatically reject certain fraud methods. For example, they automatically rejected installs that had an unrealistically short time window between ad click and install, as well as installs coming from countries that they were not actively targeting. Since leveraging Singular’s Fraud Prevention, Home & Shopping was able to save more than 24% of its app install ad budget that would’ve been otherwise wasted on fraudulent activity.

Kicking Growth into Overdrive with Efficient Scale

With a streamlined and powerful growth stack that is directly connected with their internal AWS systems, intelligent performance insights, and the support of the Singular team, Home & Shopping achieved a 73% Increase in ROI quarter-over-quarter, saved 24% of their quarterly ad budget, decreased cost per purchase by 15% quarter-over-quarter, and saved 15 hours per week for each User Acquisition Manager. With the help of Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, the Home & Shopping team amassed a huge following in Korea and was named the number one online shopping provider in the region.

About Home & Shopping

Home & Shopping, one of the largest e-commerce companies in South Korea, provides customers with seamless digital shopping experiences whether they’re in the comfort of their home or on the go. They offer a wide range of quality products from apparel to groceries, all at competitive prices.

About Singular

Singular is a Marketing Intelligence Platform that transforms marketing data into accurate, granular and actionable insights to drive growth. By unifying marketing campaign data with attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across multiple channels for a single source of truth. Singular currently tracks over $10 billion in digital marketing spend to revenue and lifetime value across industries including retail, finance, travel, gaming, entertainment, media, and on-demand services. Singular customers include companies like Lyft, Yelp, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Symantec, Zynga, Match, and Twitter.

Published December 2019