Porting Assistant for .NET is a compatibility analyzer for .NET Framework applications that generates an assessment report highlighting the complexity and effort involved in migrating to .NET Core.

Compatibility assessment

Porting Assistant for .NET scans your .NET application’s source code and NuGet packages at the solution (.sln) level, and generates a compatibility assessment report.

Replacement suggestions

Porting Assistant for .NET identifies incompatible packages and APIs in the source code and provides known replacements when available. Porting Assistant for .NET’s API replacement engine continuously improves as it discovers more information about the incompatible packages and APIs.

Assisted porting

Porting Assistant for .NET upgrades packages to their latest compatible version and changes relevant project reference file to .NET Core compatible format, making it easier to refactor your source code for .NET Core.

Project dependency visualization

Porting Assistant for .NET provides a Graphical User Interface that helps visualize project dependencies within a solution file, making it easier to assess the impact of changes at the solution level.

Public dataset

The dataset that Porting Assistant uses is publicly available. It includes the data that AWS has curated on its own as well as the data from other public sources. Learn more at the GitHub repository.

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