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The AWS Direct Connect console says that my connection state as down. How can I resolve this?

The connection state value of down in the Direct Connect console indicates that the network link is down.  

Follow these recommendations to troubleshoot and reestablish your Direct Connect connection:

  • Be sure that you are using the correct SFP module. Direct Connect requires that you use a single-mode fiber module that is either 1000BASE-LX for a 1 Gbps connection, or a 10GBASE-LR for a 10 Gbps connection.
  • Check the Rx (receive) and Tx (transmit) signal strength on your device. The signal strength should be within the range of (-14.4 dBm to 2.50 dBm).
  • Your physical interface should be configured to full duplex settings and auto negotiation must be turned off.
  • Check with your network or colocation provider to verify that the physical cross-connect is completed to the appropriate ports as detailed in the LOA-CFA. For more information, see Download the LOA-CFA.
  • If the Direct Connect endpoint is receiving (Rx) signal strength within the range of (-14.4 to 2.50 dBm), the connection state in the Direct Connect console should be shown as available.

For more information, see Troubleshooting a Remote Connection to AWS Direct Connect.

To learn more about the different Direct Connect connection states, see Response Elements.

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Published: 2017-07-06