Darryl shows you how to
encrypt your data
in Amazon EFS


My organization has specific requirements for encrypting data at rest. How do I encrypt my data that is stored in Amazon EFS?

Encrypting data at rest in Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) cryptographically protects all information that is stored in a file system. You can enable encryption when creating a file system by using the Amazon EFS console, the Amazon EFS API, the AWS CLI for Amazon EFS, or AWS SDKs.

To create an encrypted Amazon EFS file system from the AWS Management Console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the AWS EFS console, and choose Create file system to open the file system creation wizard.
  2. Configure file system access, choose your VPC, create your mount targets, and then choose Next Step.
  3. Configure optional settings, add any necessary tags, and choose your performance mode.
  4. Select Enable encryption, choose a KMS key, and choose Next Step.
  5. Review your file system settings and choose Create File System.

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Published: 2017-08-14