I have a Developer or Business support plan, and I’m opening a technical support case to get help from AWS Support. What information should I include to help AWS Support assist me?

All of the following information can be helpful to AWS Support engineers attempting to diagnose the issue:

  • A description of your use case. What is the intended behavior for this resource / application / project?
  • The environment in which you’re observing the issue. Is this your production, staging, development, or test environment? Who is the intended audience for this content / application?
  • Resource IDs of the affected resources. Include EC2 instance IDs, S3 object and bucket names, CloudFront distribution IDs, API request IDs, etc.
  • Dates / times when you experienced the issue, and how long the issue persisted. Make sure to include your time zone.
  • Log files from the approximate time the issue occurred. You can attach these directly to your case.
  • Any error messages you’re receiving.
  • The steps you took, or the steps a Support engineer might take, to reproduce the issue.
  • For networking and DNS issues, the outputs of traceroute / mtr / telnet / netcat / dig / nslookup commands.

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Published: 2016-05-18