Archive data from the UK Met Office Global and Regional Ensemble Prediction System (MOGREPS) is now available on Amazon S3. Data from two models is available: MOEGREPS-UK, a high resolution weather forecast covering the United Kingdom, and MOGREPS-G, a global weather forecast. MOGREPS is primarily designed to aid the forecasting of rapid storm development, wind, rain, snow and fog. Accurate weather forecasts allow farmers to predict when to plant crops, let airlines know when it's safe to fly, help governments plan for transportation hazards, and are useful in a number of other ways.

You can find out more about the data and ways you might want to use it at the Met Office Informatics Lab data page. You can also find out more about these models at the Met Office MOGREPS web page.

This dataset is currently a static release of archive data.

Predictions are made of multiple parameters such as air temperature and wind speed. The data is gridded, that is, values are stated as a regular function of latitude, longitude, and (where appropriate) altitude. MOGREPS is an ensemble weather forecast model, meaning that each forecast is performed multiple times to same the uncertainty in future scenarios. Currently, forecasts intialised in 2016 are available.

Individual files are made available in the netCDF v4 format. Files are named consistent with the following scheme:


  • MODELNAME is either `mogreps-uk` for the UK forecast or `mogreps-g` for the global forecast.
  • YYYYMMDD_hh is the time and date that the forecast was initialised (called the "forecast reference time") e.g. `20150825_06`.
  • rr is the "realization" number, that is, the `rr`th repeat of this forecast, with each realization differing due to the uncertainty in the forecasts. A forecast "ensemble" comprises all the realisations for a given initialisation time.
  • ttt is the "forecast period", that is, the number of hours since the forecast started. In other words, how far in advance the data was forecast.

Examples of how to access the files via the AWS CLI can be seen below.

aws s3 ls mogreps-g --recursive

aws s3 cp s3://mogreps-uk/
UK Met Office
Category Weather Forecast Model
Format netCDF
License This data is free to use for non-commercial research purposes only under the terms of the Non-Commercial Government Licence, and not for profit making applications. You must ensure that you acknowledge the source of this data as prescribed by this licence. No ongoing level of service, availability or support is implied and data may be changed or removed without notice.
Storage Service Amazon S3
Location s3://mogreps-g, s3://mogreps-uk in eu-west-2 region
Update Frequency Data is currently updated infrequently with regular updates coming soon

Your use of this data is entirely at your own risk and the Met Office does not make any warranty, representation or guarantee as to the availability of the data or that the data is error free and/or fit for your intended use.

Educators, researchers and students can apply for free promotional credits to take advantage of Public Datasets on AWS. If you have a research project that could take advantage of MOGREPS data on AWS, you can apply for Earth on AWS Cloud Credits for Research.