Discover hidden insights

ML insights

ML Insights leverages AWS’s proven machine learning (ML) and natural language capabilities to help you gain deeper insights from your data. These powerful, out-of-the-box features make it easy for anyone to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.

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Pay only for what you use

Pay-per-session pricing

QuickSight offers a unique, industry first pay-per-session model for dashboard readers, users who consume dashboards others have created. Instead of paying a fixed license cost per month, readers are billed $0.30 for a 30-minute session up to a maximum charge of $5/reader/month for unlimited use. This pricing model allows all of your users to access secure, interactive dashboards and email reports on a pay-per-session basis with no upfront costs or complex capacity planning.

Scale to tens of thousands of users

Deliver rich, interactive dashboards for your readers

QuickSight makes it easy and fast to create interactive dashboards and reports for your users. You can securely share those dashboards with anyone in your organization via browsers or mobile devices. With QuickSight, you choose from a wide library of visualizations, charts, and tables, add interactive features like drill-downs and filters, and perform automatic data refreshes to build interactive dashboards. Quicksight also allows you to schedule automatic email-based reports, so you can get key insights delivered to your inbox.


Explore, analyze, collaborate

QuickSight gives users and analysts self-service business intelligence (BI), so they can answer their own questions, collaborate, and share insights. With QuickSight, your users can connect to data sources, create/edit datasets, create visual analyses, invite co-workers to collaborate on analyses, and publish dashboards and reports.


SPICE (super-fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine)

With SPICE, QuickSight’s in-memory calculation engine you achieve blazing fast performance at scale. SPICE automatically replicates data for high availability allowing thousands of users to simultaneously perform fast, interactive analysis while shielding your underlying data infrastructure, saving you time and resources.

Embedded analytics

Embed dashboards and APIs

With QuickSight, you can easily create and embed interactive visualizations and dashboards into your applications and web portals using single sign-on and APIs – without writing code or paying for unused embedded dashboards.

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Build end-to-end BI solutions

Connect to your data, wherever it is

QuickSight allows you to directly connect to and import data from a wide variety of cloud and on-premises data sources. These include SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Square, ServiceNow, Twitter, Github, and JIRA; 3rd party databases such as Teradata, MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server; native AWS services such as Redshift, Athena, S3, RDS, and Aurora; and private VPC subnets. You can also upload a variety of file types including Excel, CSV, JSON, and Presto.


A Global Solution

As a native AWS service with customers all over the world, QuickSight has been designed and built as a global product from the beginning. The QuickSight application is localized in 10 major languages including: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. QuickSight is also available across multiple AWS regions including: N. Virginia, Oregon, Ohio, Dublin, Japan, Singapore, and Sydney.


Achieve security and compliance

Quicksight provides a secure platform allowing you to distribute dashboards and insights securely to tens of thousands of users. In addition to the multi-region availability and built-in redundancy, QuickSight allows you to securely manage your users and content via a comprehensive set of security features including role-based access control, active directory integration, CloudTrail auditing, single sign-on (IAM, 3rd party), private VPC subnets, and data backup. QuickSight is also FedRamp, HIPAA, PCI PSS, ISO, and SOC compliant to help you meet any industry-specific or regulatory requirements.

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