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This sample is targeted at getting you started with making FPS pay calls in five easy steps using C#, .NET, and SOAP.


Submitted By: Ramkumar@AWS
AWS Products Used: Amazon FPS
Language(s): C#
License: Apache License 2.0
Created On: November 20, 2007 1:04 AM GMT
Last Updated: February 5, 2009 3:27 AM GMT

Release Date: 2007-11-20


FPS requires 3 tokens to make a pay call. You will create these tokens with steps 1,2, and 3. You will make the pay call with step 4, and you will review the results of the pay call in step 5.


  • Install the following software
  • Software
    Visual Studio .Net 2005

    Note: If you do not have the Web Application Project component in your Visual Studio IDE, please refer to the following article:

  • Please create a Sandbox-Payments account by clicking here. This account will be used to log in after Step 3-a to acquire a sender token.
  • Also follow the steps mentioned here to setup your AWS Developer Account. With your account you will receive an AWS Access Key Id and Secret Access Key, and you will be able to download your X.509 certificate and private key file.


  • Extract the contents of to a folder. A directory named 'fps-csharp-SOAP-helloworld' will be created.
  • To create the .p12 keystore file using the X.509 certificate and private key file, use the following command:
    $ openssl pkcs12 -export -in .pem -inkey .pem -name "mykey" -out afps-sdk-keystore.p12
    Note - When prompted for password, type in 'afpsfoo'
  • Drop the created (afps-sdk-keystore.p12) file in the following dir 'fps-csharp-SOAP-helloworld/Certs'.
  • Open the sample project on Visual Studio using the fps-csharp-SOAP-helloworld.csproj file.
  • Now open the Web.config file. Under <appSettings>, replace the values for 'AWSAccessKey' and 'AWSSecretKey' with your AWS credentials.
  • Also in the Web.config include the port information in the returnUrl as http://localhost:<PORT#>/fps-csharp-SOAP-helloworld, if required

Running the Sample

Set getCallerToken.aspx as your Start Page and hit Start (Ctrl+F5). This will open the page on a browser and you can continue working through the application. The steps are as mentioned below,

  • Step 1 : Install Caller Token on your account
  • Step 2 : Install Recipient Token on your account
  • Step 3a: Acquire a Sender Token - Direct the user to Amazon Payments Co-Branded UI
  • Step 3b: Acquire a Sender Token - Handle response from Sender Token Installation Pipeline
  • Step 4 : Execute Payment
  • Step 5 : View Transaction Details


Could not run
We downloaded the project but could not run it in VS 2005. Can anybody help. Thanks Shyam
Shyam on November 27, 2008 4:18 AM GMT
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