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C# implementation of the SimpleDB data model and API


Submitted By: Ralf Westphal
AWS Products Used: Amazon SimpleDB
Language(s): C#
License: Apache License 2.0
Source Control Access: http://nsimpledb.googlecode.com/svn/
Created On: January 20, 2008 9:28 AM GMT
Last Updated: September 21, 2008 8:41 PM GMT
I was so intrigued by the idea behind SimpleDB, that I set out to implement its data model and API to be used in just any application, not just ones which can access SimpleDB as a web service.

Here�s the result of my work: NSimpleDB, a C# implementation of the domain/item/attribute tuple space model of SimpleDB. The API is somewhat tuned towards use in an OO language, but only a little. NSimpleDB is an embedded tuple space engine you can freely use in you desktop or web applications. If you like, also have a look at the open source code.

NSimpleDB is supposed to further the cause of SimpleDB by putting its data model and API at the fingertips of many more developers. Not every developer wants to rely on an online database, not every developer wants to always rely on an online database, not every developer wants to wait for a SimpleDB test account.

Also any suggestions for API changes could be simulated more easily by any interested party using simple open source code like that of NSimpleDB, e.g. you think passing more than one item name to GetAttributes() would make your life easier? Try it out and release your findings back to the community.

NSimpleDB is a C# implementation of SimpleDB�s data model and an appropriate API. The API interface currently is encapsulating a local/embeddable datbase/tuple space engine, but easily could be used for a true SimpleDB web service proxy.

NSimpleDB is ready to be used out of the box. Download a small demo which includes a NSimpleDB.dll and read the documentation in my blog.

As of Jan 28, 2008, NSimpleDB supports working with Amazon�s SimpleDB. It includes two implementations for the ISimpleDBService interface: one for local use, one for using SimpleDB with your Amazon key pair. Except for instanciating different classes, no difference exists between using the local tuple space and SimpleDB.

Any feedback on NSimpleDB is highly welcome. Feel free to write comments in my weblog or send an email to: info[at]ralfw[dot]de.


Ralf Westphal

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