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Samples written in Java and Ruby using the AWS Flow Framework to illustrate Amazon SWF usage


Submitted By: Balan@AWS
AWS Products Used: AWS SDK for Java, AWS SDK for Ruby, Amazon SWF
Language(s): Java, Ruby
License: Apache 2.0
Created On: February 22, 2012 6:11 AM GMT
Last Updated: February 23, 2017 7:45 PM GMT
These samples, in Java and Ruby, help you understand how to use the AWS Flow Framework and Amazon SWF for different use cases. You can find the code for the Java samples in the GitHub Repository for the AWS Flow Framework. For more information, see the AWS Simple Workflow Service page. To obtain the Ruby samples, download the file.
  • Hello World This sample uses a very simple workflow that calls an activity to print Hello World. It shows basic usage of AWS Flow Framework, including defining contracts, implementing activities and the workflow coordination logic, and building the worker programs to run the activities
  • Flight reservation workflow Illustrates basic AWS Flow Framework concepts using a simple workflow for making a reservation that can include a flight and a rental car.
  • File Processing Application This sample demonstrates a media processing use case. The workflow downloads a file from an Amazon S3 bucket, creates a ZIP file and uploads that ZIP file back to S3. The task routing feature in Amazon SWF is illustrated in this sample. This sample is not available for the Ruby framework.
  • Periodic workflow In this sample, a long running workflow periodically executes an activity. The ability to continue executions as new executions so that an execution can run for very extended periods of time is demonstrated.
  • Data processing using Split-join The workflow in this sample processes a large data set by splitting it up into smaller data sets. For demonstration purposes, the workflow calculates the average of a large set of numbers stored in a file in S3. The workflow coordination logic first splits the large set into smaller data sets. The smaller data sets are assigned to workers and the results of the processing are merged to produce the final result. This sample is not available for the Ruby framework.
  • Deployment of an application stack This sample illustrates the deployment of a set of application components through a workflow. A Spring configuration file is used to describe an application stack. The workflow takes this description as input and simulates the deployment of the components specified in it.
  • Cron The workflow in this sample runs an activity periodically based on a cron expression.
For more information on what you can do with Amazon SWF please see What can I do with Amazon SWF? in the FAQs. You can also learn about how customers are using Amazon SWF today by looking at the case studies.
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