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Password management in your S3 bucket using a web browser. AwsPass is a collection of javascript code that retrieves, decrypts, displays, updates, encrypts and uploads web or non web passwords.


Submitted By: 'Joel Hewitt'
AWS Products Used: Amazon S3
Language(s): JavaScript, y
License: GPL
Created On: February 18, 2011 1:59 AM GMT
Last Updated: February 18, 2011 1:59 AM GMT

Manage your password serverless on Amazon AWS S3.

Using only a web browser and javascript, the encrypted password in S3 is retrieved and posted from an AWS S3 bucket. Using open source encryption code, the password file is encrypted and decrypted.

The user is expected to have a S3 account, and a S3 bucket.

Unzip the source archive, in jscrypt/config.js change the "awsbucket" to reflect your aws bucket location where the files are to be stored.

Upload the files to your bucket (all files need to be publicly readable). If the javascript library files are renamed, "fullpass.htm" needs to be modified. Likewise the "fullpass.htm" may be renamed for convience

In a web browser open:


To begin load password:

Enter an email and a master key (the longer the better). Click More->Debug and enter your Amazon AWS identifiers.

Press "New Policy", then "Save"

Your bucket now contains an encrypted json file, that will store your passwords.

The user may now go about adding a "site", "username" and "password". Pressing "Add Update" after each new entry. In some browsers there is no text box next to "password". Selecting the "username" text box and pressing tab will move the cursor into the password entry area.

***If the "Debug" window is shown then press "Save" to encrypt and upload the encrypted password file. If not in debug view, pressing "Add Update" will automatically upload after a new password entry.

To retrieve a password enter the "email" and "key" identifiers, followed by a "site". Pressing "GetPass" will show the username associated with that site, and the password will be highlited, but hidden, allowing the user to copy and paste the password into the login prompt of the needed web site. Other passwords may be retrieved by simply changing the "site" and pressing "GetPass" again.

The code is freely available and modifiable.


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