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A PHP sample that makes a query request to the Alexa Web Information Service UrlInfo action.


Submitted By: Greg@Alexa
AWS Products Used: Alexa Web Information Service
Language(s): PHP
License: Apache License 2.0
Created On: September 29, 2006 5:00 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 6, 2011 12:00 AM GMT

The readme file in the download explains how to use this sample.


Error in urlinfo.php
I was getting the auth error and found this problem in the code: The code has this: define("ACCESS_KEY", "your key"); It should be this: define("ACCESS_KEY_ID", "your key"); You can see that the generate_url() function expects ACCESS_KEY_ID. With that change, it worked great. Any code to run a batch and save to a single xml or do I have to write that?
joeconsultant on February 18, 2009 11:39 PM GMT
Works Fine
The code works fine. You need to have a webserver installed, PHP installed on the webserver, have curl installed in your php. Once you get that you can use this code with " error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); " at the top of your php code. This will suppress annoying notices about indexes is the results array not being displayed.
bluemountain98 on September 22, 2008 2:22 AM GMT
doesn't work for me
parse error in urlinfo.php on line 34
T. Ludwig on December 10, 2006 8:23 AM GMT
PHP Version 4.4.2
Is there any way I run this on PHP Version 4.4.2 ?
pile3d on October 15, 2006 5:33 PM GMT
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